Who Else Wants Jim Ferrell To Talk To Their Group?

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Jim Ferrell is different from many other speakers in that he is easy to work with and delivers an inspiring message, that everyone can relate to, and remains in tune with the modern market place.

“You did a great job and the students loved you!”
Aaron Clevenger, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The Primary Purpose of This Message is to get Students Through School With Better Grades,Through Custom Study Habits That Prepares Them For Life & The Work Force!

The reason you need to hire Jim Ferrell is that he speaks on these proven results!
Jim Ferrell writes for students, colleges, and organizations with an emphasis on more productivity, for the present and future, through his unique time management teachings.

  • The Time Devils,Sex & Drugs a Godly student orientation on “How To Get More Studying Done – In Less Time!
  • “You’re Hired! How To Get A Job! by getting into the top 5% of job interviews.
  • “Get Big Crowds” How To Fill Seats At Your Events!
  • “Outrageous Customer Service” for Bodacious Profits & Hilarious Fun!
  • “Auctions” Top Secrets of Benefit/Charity Auctions. Buyers’ Techniques & More
  • “Probate” Secrets Including How To Close Out An Estate in 3 Months, Instead of The Average 13 Months.
  • “Sunday Home Auctions” 3 Ways To Sell Your Home In 3 Days

Special Offer:

Book Jim Ferrell to speak & receive a free copy of his latest book: “Get Big Crowds”How to FILL SEATS at your events!
Includes “How To Hire The Right Speaker For Your Events”

“Thanks for speaking at our Awards Convention, as you were exactly what we thought you would be ….. A lot of fun and excitement!”
Eric Potter – National Youth For Christ

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