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Most Christian home school students will tell you that the origin of Passover can be found in the Old Testament book of Exodus. The term Passover comes from the Jewish word “Pesakh” which means “passing over”. During a 400-year period of bondage out of which Moses would soon lead the Jewish people, The Jews were commanded to kill a sacrificial lamb and spread the blood of this lamb on the doorpost of their home. This blood would alert the Angel of Death, who would then pass over the house. Families who did not have blood on the doorpost would be punished with the murder of their firstborn son. Each year, this event was celebrated with The Feast of Unleavened Bread, which referred to the week in which the Jews ate only unleavened bread or “matzo”.

Foreshadowing Christ’s death, the blood of the sacrificial lamb would one day be eclipsed by the blood of Jesus Christ himself. Christian home school students no longer celebrate the Passover because the death and subsequent resurrection of Christ removes the need to sacrifice an animal to atone for sin. Christ’s sacrifice was an eternal atonement; his blood replaces the need for the lamb’s blood.

Instead of celebrating Passover, Christian home schoolers celebrate Easter to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Although the Easter tradition is rooted in pagan imagery and rituals, Christians can celebrate Easter while focusing on the redemptive power of Christ’s death and resurrection. This should be the true focus of Easter for Christians today. Home schooling students can acknowledge the fact that we are saved not by the keeping of laws as in the Old Testament, but through the Christ’s ultimate sacrifice.

Mimi Rothschild is a homeschooling mother, writer, children’s rights advocate, and Founder and C.E.O. of home education company Learning by Grace, Inc. She and her husband of 28 years reside with their 8 children right outside Philadelphia, PA.

Rothschild launched Learning By Grace, Inc. because she believed that our nation’s public school system has failed parents and students. Learning By Grace, Inc. offers online education through a multimedia-rich curriculum to PreK-12 children across the country and throughout the world.

An accomplished author, Rothschild has written books regarding education published by McGraw Hill and others. Her Homeschooling News Caf

Good Modern Christian Speakers? ex bianca juarez?

i saw all her videos and blogs are there more speakers like her?

All News

All News
Jockey Christian Santiago Reyes, the champion apprentice of 2009, was given a 30-day suspension by Del Mar stewards earlier this month for “attempting to weigh out with a prohibited item in his possession” at Hollywood Park in June.

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes having revival
Ventura County Fellowship of Christian Athletes is experiencing a revival after a lull of some years. FCA supporters in Ventura County are seeking to establish FCA groups at public and private schools across the county.

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Education Update

Education Update
Oct. 11: Flexible makeup day, no classes. Oct. 13: First quarter ends. Oct. 26: Parent-teacher conference.

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Is There a War Between Social and Economic Conservatives — The Family in America Editor to Speak at Family Research …
WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 / Christian Newswire / — Bob Patterson , research fellow and editor of The Howard Center’s quarterly journal The Family in America , will be one of the speakers at an important symposium on the relationship between economic and social conservatism sponsored by the Family Research Council on Friday, September 24, at 1 PM, “Is There a War Between Social and Economic …

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Christian Living Resources, Bible Study Tools, Jesus Christ
Daily briefs of the top Christian news and persecution stories impacting believers around the world. Religion News Service reports that almost three-quarters of Americans think students should be able to express their religion in public schools, according to a new poll by the First Amendment Center.


I’ve been listening to Joel Osteen alot and he’s great, but I love Marcos Witt’s sense of humor. Are there any other good motivational christian speakers that can make me laugh?

I’m looking at setting up a business producing jigsaw puzzles with Biblical and Christian themes, or with non-religious images painted by Christian artists. The plan is to begin trading with a range of children’s wooden, 20-piece jigsaws but before I can acquire business funding I need to perform some market research to see if there is sufficient interest to sustain the business concept. In the event that we decide to commit and begin trading, the best answer will receive a special 20% discount on his or her first order.

We also plan to introduce a range of 1000-piece card jigsaws using new works from Christian artists. If you also have the time to express an opinion on this product concept, it would be appreciated.

Christian youth retreats are said to be some of the most significant events in a teen’s life.  When teens are taken out of their typical environment and put into a different one, the atmosphere is conducive to reflection, decision-making, and significant personal growth.  Unfortunately, not all Christian youths can afford to go to retreats.  However, with a bit of creativity and a little elbow grease, a teen can find a way to earn his way to camp.

Many Christian youth retreats take place over a weekend.  This article, however, will focus on the week-long Christian youth retreats.  These are the ones that teens find “too expensive.”  The first thing to do is determine the actual cost to the camper.  Remember to keep in mind incidentals, like meals and fuel costs.  Once you have the bottom line, check the calendar to see how many weeks there are till the payment due date.  Divide the total due by the number of weeks, and calculate how much cash must be earned or raised each week.  This makes saving for Christian youth retreats seem more possible.  The old adage says you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Christian youth retreats often offer 3 ways to help a camper afford the cost.  These options include: fund-raisers, reduced fees, and scholarships.   Fund raisers can take the form of the typical door to door product sales, coupon book sales, or raffles.   Still other fund raisers are turned into large events, where the campers volunteer their time to serve at the event, in order to earn money toward Christian youth retreats.

Some families have asked Christian youth retreats and their directors if there is an option of a reduced fee.  Sometimes the camp will accept volunteer work hours at the retreat center as barter for all or part of the week’s stay a Christian camp for the youth retreat.  It is not uncommon that Christian youth retreats offer scholarships to students because they have financial support from donors.

Obviously, the sure way to earn fees for Christian youth retreats is by good old elbow grease.  Teens are able to do many odd jobs.  The typical odd jobs for teens include babysitting, yard work, pet sitting, car washing, and snow shoveling.  But with a little creativity, there is a job for everyone.  It is very rewarding for teens to know that they can earn their own way to any one of many the Christian youth retreats available today.

Mark Dubler is the Executive Director of Otyokwah Camp & Retreat Center and a Christian Youth Retreats expert. Check out our great discounts for first-time groups at Camp Otyokwah.

Mark Dubler has been a leader, host, and participant in camps and retreats for the last twenty years.

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