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Columbine survivor to speak in Castle Rock

Columbine survivor to speak in Castle Rock
Crystal Woodman Miller knows about the dangers of bullying first hand, and she’s coming to Castle Rock to share her story with teens and adults.

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Valley Stars

Valley Stars
academicsErik Brodnick, a junior majoring in engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, was named to the President’s Honors List for all four quarters of 2009-10.

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I attend a baptist church in my small town with a sum total of 250-300 members. This year our church is interested in starting an annual women’s conference to be shared with Christian wemon throughtout our community. I was wondering how to the schedules of one day conferences work? What activites lead up to a main speaker, and what are fun things that can be done when guests are arriving.

A Christian Strip Club? Will You Attend?

I’ve been giving some thought to opening a Christian Strip Club. I think there are a lot of Christian men (and some women) who are just looking for good clean wholesome and legal fun. My plan is to hire only good Christian girls as our dancers. Our show will be a mix of dancing to gospel music and some short preaching and comedy sets. The girls will all be trained to quote scriptures while they are giving lap dances. Instead of just passing a collection plate during the preaching, we’ll have the all the dancers walk around and collect dollar bills in their G-strings. For special events, the baptismal can double as a jello wrestling pool. This place should be a blast for the whole family!

Running a strip club in this manner, we’ll be serve the lord and save souls, all while employing some of God’s greatest creations.

Question for Christians and atheists?

I am an absolute atheist. However, unlike many of the atheists here, I was raised in an almost entirely atheist family. I am 16 now.

I knew nothing of any religion until I heard about it from other kids at school. I thought nothing of it. It sounded ridiculous. However, a couple of months ago, I became interested in learning about religion. I am entirely content without it. This learning was an endeavor of curiosity, since religion was such a foreign concept.

As part of this, I began attending a Bible study group, for learning purposes. It is a student-lead group that meets at lunch at my high school every Tuesday. A Pastor from a local church comes, and we discuss various things about religion and faith. The Pastor does not preach, and does not even lead the discussion. He puts his two-cents in like the rest of us, but is more respected.

I have been attending for a few weeks now. To my surprise, I mixed well with the Christians, and my presence was not only tolerated but encouraged. I have heard nothing that would lead me to convert, but it has helped me to understand Christians a lot better, which was a primary goal from the beginning. I have also made friends there.

At the end of each year school year, this group, and the church who sends its pastor, put on a Christian graduation party for graduating seniors on a Saturday after the graduation ceremony.

I am conflicted about this. I enjoy learning about Christian beliefs from a social science standpoint, and it helps me to understand them better. (The way Christians work is still a little mysterious to me.) I have also made friends there. They have happily answered my questions for a a couple months, even though they weren’t of much benefit to the Christians because they were somewhat basic. It seems like I would be a lazy jerk to ditch them when it comes time for this group to do some work setting up a graduation party. On the other hand, I am a strong believer in secularism, and I’m undecided at the moment as to whether or not it is acceptable for a public school to have a Christian graduation party, or anything else run by a church, take place on its campus. The group I have been in was tun by students, but this would be run by the church. I’m not sure if that is really secular or not. I’m afraid if I help set up a Christian event on a public school campus, I will be setting a bad example, and encouraging religion on campus. On the other hand, if it is secularly acceptable, I would hate to ditch those Christian friends of mine now that there is work to be done.

What does everyone think? Does it make me a “bad” atheist to want to help out with this party?

Group Asks Rhea Not To Pray

Group Asks Rhea Not To Pray
School prayer and football games go hand in hand in our viewing area, but that is changing. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wisconsin, now stands against Rhea County schools, on the same grounds as Soddy Daisy; public prayer before the football game.

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What Was the Wackiest Event of 2008?

It’s that time of the year that everyone dreads most. I don’t know what’s worse, having to spend time with your family or these year-end retrospectives. However, you need to brave through both annual traumas. Without further ado, here’s a list of the weirdest moments of 2008. Select one, or offer another zany story I might have overlooked (I tend to repress such memories). And away we go:

1) The Katie Couric Debacle. This is the way McCain’s career ends. This is the way McCain’s career ends. This is the way McCain’s career ends. And so it was, not with a bang but a “I can see Russia from my house”.

2) Hillary Rambo Clinton. We can never accuse Republicans of being the sole occupants of those castles built in the sky. Clinton blatantly lies and doesn’t think people will be smart enough to pick it up. Come to think of it, is she the gal we need serving as America’s chief diplomat?

3) Jesse Jackson wants to cut off Barack Obama’s nuts! In the most bizarre interpretation of family planning yet, Jesse Jackson relates his desire to separate then presidential hopeful Barack Obama from his testicles. If he would have grown up watching Bob Barker on the ‘Price is Right’, then he would have known that that particular option is to be considered solely for cats!

4) Eliot Spitzer Swallows! John Edwards would have made the list had his political career been alive for it to have been killed by a sex scandal. Instead, we get Spizty’s tryst with a 22-year-old whose years of drug abuse have rendered her fugly. So fugly indeed, that the now ex-Governor’s menopausal wife Silda was actually way hotter by comparison!

5) The Economy Rollercoaster! Between market performance rivaling the Depression for greatest downward slope and the GOP’s historic bungling of the situation, this year was one wild ride for the American economy. Just ask Ed McMahon whose $10,000,000 check bounced forcing him to panhandle on Larry King’s gabfest. It seems Johnny forgot to mention him in his will and Dick Clarke just won’t die!

6) The Immoral Majority breaks its silence. Steve “Little Rove” Schmidt was John McCain’s senior campaign strategist. As lead strategist for the Bush campaigns, he was Karl Rove’s protege. For McCain, he brought race baiting, class warfare, moralizing and mud slinging to new lows that saw even Papa Rove calling for the GOP to tone things down. However, the alarm bells went off for everyone but chief moralizer and convicted drug felon Rush Limbaugh and his clones when Schmidtee gave a speech to a gay lobby group calling for full acceptance of their lifestyle, relating how he -like all GOP weasels of distinction- has a gay sister. Other famous Republican’ts with pink relatives include Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Alan Keyes, Larry Craig’s wife…

7) The New England Patriots go 18-1. After having the first perfect regular season in the history of the NFL’s 16-game schedule, the Pats breezed through the playoffs but couldn’t seal the deal against a New York Giants team that went 10-6 in the regular season. Aging ’72 Dolphins rejoice! You still have that one thing to make a toast to in your otherwise pathetic, bankrupt lives.

8) Rosie O’Donnell’s prime-time program canceled after only one airing. Just when we thought Sarah Palin had bumped old Rosie from her perch and assumed the mantle of America’s most ridiculously spectacular train wreck, Rosie colludes with NBC to wrest back her crown. (I mean really, a variety show? What’s next, Christian Slater in a spy show? Oh, wait…)

9) World’s fattest man gets hitched…to a truck that wheels him off to his wedding! The one cool thing about being a fat a$$ of this magnitude is apparently never having to wear clothes. It would be safe to assume that out of all the stories on this list, pound-for-pound this was the biggest. OK, I’ll stop. Don’t worry, it’s almost over.

10) The Black Friday Stampede at Walmart. I don’t know what’s zanier, the fact that this happened or the media’s contextualizing of it. Then again, we are referring to the media of which Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Bill Bennett, Lou Dobbs and Nancy Grace are members. Well, this concludes the list. Stuff your stockings, spike you egg nog, make copies of your tuchus at the office Christmas party and have a happy new year…

Don’t despair, humble minions. Regardless of these grave moments of ignominy, the world is actually resetting to normal pre-Bush levels of sanity. See you next year when we wrap up the Y2K Decade!

Best of blogs — Published Oct. 29, 2010

Best of blogs — Published Oct. 29, 2010
Some of our staff’s thoughts in cyberspace:

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The Realm Requires Christians

Paul wrote with pressure,’I solemnly charge you in the presence of The Lord God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His dominion : evangelise the word ; be prepared in season and out of season ; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction’.to paraphrase, stick with the evangelizing plan God has certain to praise and use.
Don’t try and be so creative and adorable that folks miss the truth. Will you notice something here? This exhortation isn’t addressed to the hearer, it’s for the speaker. The person that’s to try this is the one asserting the in a position to do it in season and out of season. Don’t stand up straight and begin with an apology that you didn’t quite have satisfactory time to prepare.
I’ve not been capable of finding any place in the Scriptures where God expresses the least bit or worry for drawing numbers. Gratifying the curious itching ears of our postmodern audiences is an exercise in futility.
truthfully, I am planning to resume doing exactly that, by God’s grace, till the day He calls me home. And I think there is a fast-increasing number of supporters who long for nutritive messages based mostly on the Word of Our Lord God, not human viewpoint. The world urgently wants more Christians with the fervor and faith of Paul. Jesus pronounced,’Go and make followers of all states and I am going to be with you’ ( Matthew 28:19-20 NIV ). And by the grace of God, go do it.

About Christian reports magazine
From Christian reports Magazine. Jesus pronounced,’Go and make supporters of all states and I’m going to be with you’ ( Matthew 28:19-20 NIV ). And by the grace of God, go do it.

From Christian News Magazine. Will you be one of them? Will you respond the charge? If this is the case there?s no finer time than now to start. Jesus asserted, ?Go and make followers of all states and I am going to be with you? ( Matthew 28:19-20 NIV ). And by the grace of God, go do it.




This is the first in a series of articles entitled “Religious Myths Exposed” that will address the myths that are propagated through the church that lead people into a life of religious pressure, shame, and guilt.


When my oldest son Daniel was about three years old, we were at a birthday party for the daughter of an evangelist friend of mine at a hotel in LaGrange GA. Daniel was in the shallow end of the pool with a ring float and my wife Dianne was sitting on the side of the pool watching the children play and talking to the wife of my friend the evangelist. She had turned away for a moment and when she looked back she saw the float in the pool but Daniel was not in it. Her quick, gut reaction of course was to jump in the pool, fully dressed, and pull Daniel out of the water to safety.


This is a picture of you and me along with all of mankind without Jesus. We sink hopelessly towards death without the ability to save ourselves from the inevitable. We don’t have the means to save ourselves, we are left to the fate of every human since Adam and Eve first sinned. Paul wrote in his letter to the Philippians about Jesus and His abandonment of heaven:

“Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” Philippians 2:6-8 KJV.


Jesus was and is our only hope of rescue, and He, without thought for Himself or His own well being, saw us in a hopeless situation, abandoned the comfort of heaven to come to where we are to rescue us! What a courageous thing He did when He left heaven, came to live as a man, and gave all that He could possibly give to rescue us from certain death! The writer of Romans describes this unselfish act of love this way:


“For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:6-8 KJV.


Most Christians believe that they were rescued from eternal separation from God. They believe that their past sins are forgiven. But after this is where things start to get confusing. Most of us are not sure how we should live life after we become Christians and what we should do with the ongoing battle to live up to what we perceive as God’s expectation of us as Christians.


From the time we are born there is a plan in place to keep us from ever knowing God and to keep us separated from Him if we ever get to know Him. This is a plan that is propagated by our adversary, Satan, who works through the people and events that influence our mental and emotional development in life with one goal in mind, keep us separated from our Father. In other words, if there is a way to deceive you to keep you from receiving the best that God has for you, Satan will use it.


In this series of articles I want to expose some of these lies and deep rooted beliefs that most of us have that are not grounded in truth and have nothing to do with the character of Jesus and how we are perceived by God. However, these myths are widely accepted among church and non church people and are passed down from parents, teachers, churches, and the media as the gospel of Jesus. Some of these are very subtle, rest deep in our psyche, and go undetected, yet they cause us great pain and frustration in life. I want to help you turn on the light and see in the dark recesses of your mind these myths for what they really are so you can experience true happiness and freedom.


The Plague of Performance Based Christianity in the 21st Century Church


First I want to say that I have the utmost respect for the Body of Christ, the Church, in all of its forms in the world today, and all leaders and authorities that God has put in place. I will not teach against anything but the mindsets that are prevalent in the church that I believe are there because of the necessity of the organization and structure of the 21st Century Church.


I believe that leaders of the church, for the most part, are doing what they believe they are called to do and from their hearts they are forwarding the kingdom of God in the Earth. And God is still working great works through the Body of Christ as He always has!


Having said that, there are inherent issues that leaders have to deal with due to the organized structures they find themselves in the 21st Century Church setting. These issues cause the leaders, in many cases, to use the word of God in a ways they were taught, but I believe was not the intent of the Holy Spirit when He inspired the writing of those scriptures.


The way the word of God is used (or misused) along with doctrines that are passed down from generation to generation, and the pressures that leaders find themselves under in organized churches has led to the propagation of doctrines that create an atmosphere of religious pressure, stress, guilt, shame, and performance based Christianity in most church settings.


The Force Behind the Myths – Why Churches Don’t Tell You the Whole Truth


Jesus’ greatest opponents were not the sinners, they were religious people. The Pharisees were the opposing force of the early church and Jesus, not the government, and certainly not the people.


Jesus was not just a little controversial; He eventually offended most everyone He came in contact with! Although He did offend His disciples at times, they were not His enemies. The ones who wanted Him dead were the Religious elite, led by a sect of Judaism called the Pharisees.


But even deeper than the hatred of the Pharisees was a spiritual force, religious spirits, completely bent on silencing the voice of freedom and keeping the masses under religious pressure, shame, and guilt!


This spirit is alive and well today and the agenda is the same, it is more cunning and subtle today than it was in the days of Jesus. This is not an indictment against the Church, for the most part Christians today are serving God and trying to be good people and the Church is doing what it’s always done, advancing the kingdom of God in the earth!


The Body of Christ is alive and doing fine, yet there are subtle myths in the church that I believe keeps the people from experiencing true joy and freedom. It’s almost like a low grade fever, you know something is not right, but you can’t quit put your finger on it and it keeps you from functioning at 100% of your potential. Here are a few topics we will be discussing in this series:


The Sin Cycle and How to Break it By Dealing With Shame

The 21st Century Plague of Christian Myths

The Law of Moses – The Great Frustrator

Religious Myth – You Have to Be Poor to Be Spiritual

Religious Myth – It’s Hard to Be a Christian

Religious Myth – Your Not Okay With God

Religious Myth – You Have To Go To Church To Be a Good Christian

Religious Myth – You Have To Like Churchy People and Churchy Things

Religious Myth – You Have To Work For God’s Favor and Blessing

Religious Myth – Your Financial Blessing or Failure is Directly Tied to Your Tithing

And Much More…


My prayer is that you would experience true freedom from performance based Christianity.


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