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Last night, about 20 Ohio University students gathered on College Green despite mud, grass stains and bugs to pray for those affected by the tornado that hit Athens Thursday.

Students arrived in sweatpants, skirts and bare feet and sat down in small circles on the green for prayer and discussion.

Jeremy King, a junior studying world religions and Campus Crusade for Christ member, organized the event after last week’s storm.

“I think it’s important, because as OU students, we really need to be more thankful for the Athens community; the storm was a way to bring us together to pray for the people of Athens,” King said. “I hope that both Christians and non-believers will come together and understand that prayer can indeed affect things, and that God really is in charge and controls even the storms.”

Although some students heard about the event through word of mouth, it was mainly publicized through a Facebook invitation. Although the event listed 185 people as “attending” and another 205 as “maybe attending,” the total attendees numbered around 20.

Aaron Grassel, a sophomore studying political science, said the event’s time may have prevented some students who were out of town from attending. Grassel was in Columbus this weekend but returned in time for the vigil.

“I think this needs to be done,” he said. “I hope (students’) eyes will be opened, that we realize that everything we work for in life can be taken away so easily.”

Currently, the American flag and the Christian flag are to the left (from the speakers point of view) of the stage. The American flag is to the right of the Christian flag, but they are both next to each other. The flag etiquette guidelines on say that they should be on opposite sides of the speaker, but is that correct?
Nick K., how are churches Anti-American? Ever heard of freedom of religion?

The Midwest has literally hundreds of exceptional Christian Camps.  In Ohio, alone, there are 43 Christian Camp and Conference Association member camps.  Many have served generations of families in healthy, fun, and deeply personal ways.

There are a variety of programs, formats, and types of groups that Christian Camps serve.  There are Family Camps, Day Camps, Kids Camps, Group Camps, and Resident Camps.  There are also camps specifically for athletes, those with disabilities, single parents, musicians, and other groups.  

And Christian Camps will offer programs centered around activities, too.  Some of these include programs in Art, Sports, Whitewater Rafting, Music, Drama, and Writing.  These are especially good, because enthusiasts can spend a week receiving instruction and practicing their skills, and they can also meet others who share the same passion and interests.

Ohio also has some excellent Outdoor Education programs with eight CCCA member camps offering these kinds of experiences.  Christian Camp Outdoor Education curriculum options include Animal Studies, Exploratory Science, Plant and Earth Studies, Wilderness Survival Training, and other specialized training.  These programs use college prepared staff members with many being certified in the areas they teach.

Most Christian camps have their own websites which makes searching program options and registration really easy.  Christian camp websites will include events calendars, program descriptions, age or other restrictions or groupings, the camp’s philosophy and faith statement, and costs and special instructions for campers.  Lodge and cabin rentals, group rates, holiday weekends or discounts, and other specials can also be found on camp websites, so if you want to plan your own group retreat or special get-away weekend, Christian camps are the way to go.

What makes Christian Camps unique, and very special, is their commitment to providing youth, adults, families and groups opportunities to unplug from the distractions of life, re-focus on what really matters, relax, grow from God’s Word, and build great relationships.  And these special experiences all take place in beautiful settings where campers can revel in God’s amazing creation.

So, as Spring approaches, make plans with friends, or your Church, or with your family to spend a really special week at a Christian Camp.  Do a few web searches around the type of program you are looking for, the denomination you may prefer, or the location you hope to visit.  You can also visit the directory of Ohio Christian Camps, which allows the user to search for camps in a variety of ways.

Mark Dubler is the Executive Director of Otyokwah Camp & Retreat Center and a Christian Camps expert. Check out our great discounts for first-time groups at Camp Otyokwah.

Mark Dubler has been a leader, host, and participant in camps and retreats for the last twenty years.

BRIEFLY: Oct. 27

BRIEFLY: Oct. 27
Read about what’s happening in and around Plymouth.

Read more on Old Colony Memorial & Plymouth Bulletin

Christian Marketing: How To Market Your Book Online

When it comes to Christian marketing online, you may not have a clue about how to market your book online. That doesn’t bother you at first because you are simply relieved you finally wrote the book!

It is written. You can’t wait to get your book in the hands of readers who will be blessed, helped, and encouraged by your gift in writing.

“Marketing a book is like lunch. You eat lunch so you have the energy to keep going all day. You know that if you skip lunch, you’re tired by 2:00. Likewise, you market your book so it can “keep going” in the marketplace; no marketing may mean that sales will dwindle before they need to.” -Wheatmark Publishing Success.

Like any ministry marketing campaign, you need a basic marketing plan. Ministry Marketing Productions Six Steps To Your Ministry Marketing Success would be a good place to start.

Basically, to market your book you need to address these key components:

* Who is the audience for the book?
* Why is it important that people read this book? Or, what makes your book different from others in its genre?
* What makes you qualified to write this book and how do I connect with your target audience?
* What social media strategies will I use to promote this book.
* Will you use a e-mail or video marketing strategy>
* How much will you spend to market your book online and offline?
Video Marketing For Book Promotion
Learn how you can harness the power of the internet to get exposure for your book with video marketing.

My husband and I have an independent video marketing company where we help our clients get exposure for their business, ministry, products and services using strategic online marketing strategies.

We have had a number of success stories getting businesses and ministries high rankings. Click here to see results of one video marketing plan we did for Horizon Christian Academy.

We could do this for your book too. Contact us for more information at!
Ministry Marketing Solutions-Pam Perry
I can think of no better person to help you in this ministry marketing quest than THE expert in this field of Christian publishing: Pam Perry.

Pam Perry is a PR Coach with Ministry Marketing Solutions who has for over 15 years been involved in marketing.

Pam Perry says, “It’s my calling! I will walk you through the steps to help you fulfill your dreams. I can help you as your PR Coach by giving you all of my industry resources, contacts, best-selling tips, proven PR strategies to get your book ‘out there.'”

Here are some of Perry’s key marketing strategies to help you with ministry marketing for your Christian book.

*Define and target your audience who will buy your book

*Build a platform that will sustain your speaking and publishing career

*Create a brand that identifies your ministry and translates globally.

*Develop a campaign strategy that will sell books. *Produce dazzling press and marketing materials that get noticed and picked up by the media.

*Navigate social media to leverage and extend your brand. *Generate media hits that will automatically get you to the “A list” status and be a sought-after speaker!

Theresa Croft is a business and ministry marketing consultant passionate about helping Christian ministries and businesses harness the power of the internet for promotion and profits. For a limited time, she is offering her free marketing training series. Instant access by going to

Were the Muslims civil rights violated ‘we are growing a Christian community and don’t let anybody shy away that ? A Muslim group has filed a federal civil rights complaint over the Lancaster mayor’s remarks about “growing a Christian community.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says Mayor R. Rex Parris violated the civil rights of non-Christians last week during his state of the city address.

The civil rights group says it sent the complaint letter to the Department of Justice on Friday.

The group says Parris shouldn’t have used his official capacity at the city event to advance a particular religion.

Mayor R. Rex Parris made the remarks at the end of his annual State of the City address last week.

Parris has said he won’t apologize for the remarks.

He urged residents to support a city ballot measure that would authorize daily prayers invoking a specific diety, such as Jesus, at city council meetings.

Parris explained that anyone who leads a prayer in a city meeting should be able to invoke any deity he or she chooses.

In his speech, Parris said ‘we are growing a Christian community and don’t let anybody shy away from that.”

The Greater Los Angeles area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has denounced the comments.

The chapter says it plans to file a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Justice Department.,0,6800303.story

I know this is long, but will you please help me?

I am 17 years old and Christian and I went to this gathering for LGBT youth because I am gay. There was a table outside with Christians there and I went to them because I thought they were part of the event. My friend Karla went with me. The people at the table were adults froma church and they started saying that I would get AIDS if I was gay. And they said that the anus is made for going to the bathroom not having sex, and they embarrassed me because I’m not really comfortable talking about those things. N-E-ways, I wasn’t there to have anal sex like they assumed, I was just there to talk to people. And I wear a promise ring because I don’t want to be intimate with anyone until I meet the right man to spend my life with in a comitted relationship. I’m too young for sex, and I don’t know if I even want to do it in the ways that they kept wanting to talk about. I wanted to talk about religion and about how to form a comited relationship as a gay person, but they kept saying that God made the penis & the vagina for sex, not the anus and I got really embarrassed and I don’t know why they kept focusing on just this. My friend Karla is gay too, and their points don’t even make sense for women.

N-E-ways, I was hoping that someone here who read the Bible could help me because I am a Christian and I am gay and I just want to have love like everyone else does. And I am not going to sleep around and get AIDS and all the stuff that people say. I am a good person and a good student and one day I will meet another good person who will be a Christian man and we will have a comitted loving relationship together and follow Christ’s example to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Can you help me to know if this is OK. Pleaze?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over seven months. He’s a really nice and understanding guy who respects and cares for me. Our relationship is, let’s say, pretty good.
The only thing is that I’m a Christian, and he is an atheist. Don’t ask me why am I going out with him. I already thought about that myself. It just happened that I didn’t know he was an atheist before I told him that yeah I wanted to be his girlfriend. We are both pretty new to this boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. He even goes to church and attends church related events with me. I don’t plan to force him to become a Christian, but I would love for him to do so.
Once I found out he was an atheist, I didn’t do much but continued with the relationship. Honestly I love this guy, and I’m afraid that if we continue with our relationship it would be harder to break out. I’m not sure what to do because I know that our long term relationship is not going to work the way I always dream of. I’m not going to give up my faith. I love the LORD.
I don’t know how much my boyfriend will understand me, and even though we have talked about this issue, he thinks we can overcome this difference. I need your opinion, comments, advice on what should I do. Should I continue with this relationship or should I stop it before it gets too far? Have you have any experience like this? Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your sincere comments.

You see, I just transferred schools and it’s our last quarter before the final exams. They started these theses in Christian Humanism (Christology for my year) for highschool at freshman year, which obviously I’d missed. Everyone else seems to know what to do; my teacher just gave a rundown on the instructions and frankly, I only understood a fraction of what she said.

I don’t expect a full answer to prove any of these statements. Please, I only ask for advice and references to help get me started. To those brave souls who dare offer their knowledge to any and all of these statements below, forever am I indebted to you. And for those who are kind enough to let me off the hook and help me with a sentence or two, I grace you with my gratitude.

1.The birth of Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises of the Old Testament.
2.Christology is an attempt at understanding Jesus Christ; Son of God. He is true God and true man.
3.There is one good news of our salvation but four accounts. The gospels were written by four evangelists in different styles and historical contexts, but for only purpose: “that we may believe and by believing we may have eternal life.” They were meant to help us follow Christ.
4.The Incarnation, God becoming human in Jesus Christ, is God’s supreme act of love to us.
5.Mary, the mother of God, is also our mother. Mary’s response to God’s call was made freely, assisted by God’s grace.
6.Jesus’ private life was spent growing in wisdom and knowledge. He learns from his father, Joseph, his trade. Through his example we are shown the dignity of work.
7.To bring the “kingdom of God” in our midst is Jesus’ mission, but this kingdom is eschatological.
8.Jesus redeems humanity and triumphs over sin and evil by being a suffering messiah and not a political messiah.
9.The baptism consecrates and affirms Jesus’ messiah ship. In this event, the role of John the baptizer comes to completion and he slowly fades into the background.
10.Jesus seeks out the sinners for he has come to call sinners and not the self-righteous.
11.That we are forgiven by God should enable and empower us to forgive others. Jesus commands that we love not only our neighbor but also our enemies.
12.To love God above all things and to love our neighbors are hallmarks of a true Christian.
13.The cross of Christ is ultimately not an instrument of death but a means of bringing new life to others.
14.The passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus must be understood as one complete act and not merely as individual events that happened in the life of Jesus.

If you’re asking, “why in the world are there so many statements?!” I can only give you two answers: 1. For the students to exploit on their lessons and their beliefs from individual perspectives. or 2. Beats me, I’m pretty new at this.

Forgive me, maybe I AM asking for too much. AND THANK YOU!

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