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Christian Entertainment…Help?

Ok i’m hosting a christian youth event ages 14-21 and its a weekend event i need great chirstian guest who are entertaining…previous years i have had comedians and insprational speakers any ideas

I just don’t understand they tolerated a witch (this woman was something like wiccan i believe) coming into my child’s school, which i raised no objections to, but it was a problem when i suggested that a speaker come in to talk about Jesus. You thought I was going to get these people fired when I mentioned jesus.
And just to clarify the wiccan was talking about her beliefs. Something about fairies and their ilk. Really couldn’t get it. that came from my child.

Christian Church service help?

Hello everyone, i am a christian myself and for our christmas church service i’ve been asked to preach. This is my first time speaking and i’m extremely nervous about what to say. There are several speakers and i’ve to talk about the actual birth of jesus and the significance of how unexpected it was that the king of kings was born in a dirty old barn,also how humble he was.This is troubling me, any suggestions or links would greatly be appreciated.


For me, I’d have to say Malcolm Smith. Jack Deere has been good and of course there’s C.S. Lewis.

In the apostolic era, there were the Greek-speakers and the Latin-speakers. Today the Eastern church, the Orthodox, inherits the Greek-speaking Christianity which was earlier than the Latin form. St. Peter established the church at Antioch before he ever went to Rome if indeed he went to Rome at all which is questionable. All the various Orthodox churches descend from the original church in the East, and the claim of some Roman Catholics to be the original of all Christianity is clearly bogus; they are the original only of the Western or Latin branch which came later than the Orthodox.

Roman, Anglican and Protestant churches are the Latin branch. The Lutheran Reformation was based on the absurd notion of giving primacy to scripture, ignoring the reality that the church, not a book, is the custodian of Christian doctrine, and that the Bible’s canonicity and its alleged authority was granted to it by the church, not granted to the church by the Bible.
The idea of just that “personal relationship with Christ alone” is called the “me-and-Jesus syndrome”. The fact is that he set up his church on Earth, the body of all baptized believers, the ecclesia. The Protestants, especially the fundie fringe, are all too often lacking in that sense of community, not just buddy-buddy companionship with their own friends in a congregation that meets once a week, but the real sense of being part of the communion of the saints, past and present, in heaven and on Earth. Protestants don’t know what they are missing, and it’s not surprising that so few members become Protestants after they have exerienced the richer life of the three great Catholic faiths, Orthodox, Roman and Anglican.

i know there is short form of english christian name lilke

William = Bill
Robert = Bob

can anyone give me more example of is there a web site for this? i am not an english speaker.