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I go to a Christian school and we have a chapel every week and there are always people performing Christians songs before the speaker comes and speaks. I haven’t seen anyone perform a guitar solo during a song, but that may be because they aren’t quite up to that skill level yet. I am just wondering if some people might think it would be taking the glory from God and putting it on myself. I would like to think I am giving more glory to God because I am displaying a skill that he has given me, but some people might think otherwise.. What are your thoughts?

Everybody I know who speaks English as their 1st language thinks it would be an abomination to name their kid Jesus, but Spanish speakers use the name Jesus all the time. Is this name from a different source and only looks the same as the Christian savior, or do they not see it in the same light?

Can you cite any evidence recorded online?

Yes, I realize that this outspoken and popular Christian Evangelical anti-evolution speaker is in federal prison at present but I’m asking about his long-term ministry (which I assume is still operating through the help of his son and wife while he is in prison.) I had never heard anything about him being anti-Semitic so if this is just nonsense concocted by his critics, I would like to know. (Otherwise, it gives me yet another reason to consider his “ministry” mostly nonsense.)