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The most common response to non-Christians asking Biblical questions is that we take scripture out of context. Meaning, we don’t pay attention to the critical “who, what and where” of a scriptural quote, so we don’t understand the speakers message. Women speaking in church, or Jesus bringing a sword and setting family members at war against each other, are common examples.

However, when Christ gives the “fig tree” speech, telling those people in front of them that THEY will see certain things happen, and know that when THEY do, it will be the time of his return, all context is thrown out. In context Christ is speaking to a specific group of individuals of specific generation. Yet the entire Christian faith is based on taking it out of context, and interpreting it to mean some other people of some future generation. He doesn’t say “if” they see those things happen, he says “when” they see those things happen. He doesn’t say “they,” (some future generation) he says “you” (the people standing in front of Him). Why is that?
Very dissapointed, but not surprised, inthe lack of Christian response.
So, Marvel you agree that the entire Christian faith is based on the false claims made about Christ’s return?

I just want to know, I mean I like 9mm better than speakers, but in his new song Get Like me, he has a shirt saying he is christian and then at the end of the video, gets his cross chaings and zooms into the camera…I mean it doesnt make sense to me. I mean if you going to make a song with guns in it, why are you still going to say you are christian and show that you are like christian? It dont make sense..If you are going to make a dirty version of a song like that, its fine, just dont say you are Christian like that, its f*ckin stupid

Not bashin on Banner, just dont understand what point he is trying to get..

thats the music video of Get Like me, song is hot

There’s an argument that eternal punishING in (and possibly the eternal punishMENT of) hell is a gross mistranslation of the original NT bible, which was all written in GREEK.

This is because the English words “forever and ever”/”eternal” are translated from the Greek words “olam,” “aion,” and “aionios”. Some linguists & Christian Universalists argue this original Greek term means “ages” or “ages of ages”- in other words, a finite/non-eternal period of time. If so, the punishing in hell the English call “forever and ever” is a mistranslation.

But this is all studied by English speakers who don’t speak Greek.

SO WHAT DO THE GREEKS TEACH ABOUT ETERNAL PUNISHING IN HELL? Surely Greeks & the Greek Orthodox church should know the true meaning of this word, because it’s THEIR language.

(Please, no commments saying “hell’s real & forever” from your King James bible. It even mistranslates the elementary Hebrew word ‘sheol’ (grave, pit) to ‘hell’, so I have no trust in it)

Sorry to Christians, however, amidst a lack of proof of God, ministers who only want money, judgmental congregations, ad fake happiness. I wanted to comment on a subject that bugs me horribly. Now, looking and questioning my religion that affected me for the first 30 years of my life, I see I am no better off than others. I see people brain-washed and mesmerized by influential speakers. I see people spurting out quotes written by “men” (not God) in a book not in touch with our times. I see fictional tales to teach weak-minded people morality. I see good men change their own lives for the better and instead of patting himself on the back, he thanks God. God, in my mind, seems to be what people would psychologically call a portion of themselves that wants better and improvement. I feel God is just a way to access strength (psychologically)when some may perceive they don’t have any. By the way, I also have a problem seeing others give to a church who has money for their bills when these same people can’t make their own bills. Lastly, I’m tired of ignorant people (close-minded, uneducated) telling me about the invisible man, and how he died for my sins, and how he watches when I do something wrong, and telling me how to live. It’s like getting investment advice from a homeless person.

I’m wondering if anyone else has been converted to think for themselves and take a stand against old world thought. I have watched myself, through the years, go through denial and fear over my thoughts and questions, to dabble in other philosophies, to standing outside the Christian groups and seeing how naive a lot of this scripture-quoting sounds. Anyone like to add their two cents? I am curious to hear from other converts, and maybe some love. Christians, by all means, bash away, that’s what Jesus would do, right?

We’re now going to broadcast Christian music (1 cd per week) over the telephone system’s speakers, and we’ll no longer be playing out personal radios in our offices. This is a Human Resources company, with absolutely no religious affiliations whatsoever. Is it legal for my employer to force the whole staff to listen Dove Award winning Christian R&B for 37.5 hours per week here in the USA?
It will play over the telephones so that it can be heard in the office when that phone isn’t being used.
Even though we’re an HR company, we fired the last person with an actual HR degree because she kept telling the owners what they could, and could not do. So, NO, we have nobody left who knows the actual HR laws we’re supposed to be experts in.

Mikes and speakers in Mapparium ?

My husband and I have recently visited the Mapparium at the Christian Science Library in Boston. A few days after the visit, I actually realized why my husband wasn’t so impresed with his visit : he was sure there were microphones and speakers inside the sphere to amplify the voices of visitors. He thought that the particular acoustic of the place was actually due to an artificial voice amplifying system. I assured him that the acoustic within the Mapparium is all natural and due to the shape (shperic) and the material (stain glass) of the place but he won’t beleive me. I know there are speakers for the presentation (visual and sound effect) but what about for the visitor’s voice ? I looked everywhere on the internet and I even found result of a research about the acoustic of the place but nowhere is it written that the “whispering gallery effect” one can experience within the Mapparium isn’t helped by any microphones/speakers device. Can you help me convince my husband ?!