Ok, i am an Iraqi Muslim who got an imigrant Visa to the United State and became a U.S. Citizen so now this place is my country and i love it, but there is only one issue i wanna talk about, in Iraq and as you know it considered as a Muslims Country but we have a christian which is maybe 8-10% so in all of their major events like christmas, Easter, Great friday, etc…. the christians get day or two off or more as their holiday, if they are student and even if they have an exam they won’t have to attend and the teacher should make another exam for them, if they were employees in the government or others they will get a holiday with pay, this is the rules to keep their right, so i am here in America and as you guys know we practise Ramadan Once every year and after ramadan we have the feast (3 days) where we make a big meals and invites family and friends and go out and have fun, but i didn’t get to do all these so do my family, we dont have days off for our feast and we couldn’t celebrite the feast also we have the big feast that come 70 days after Ramadan and that where people scraifce a Cow or Lamp and give the meet to the poor people then we celebrite too, anyway i think we (as a muslim) have the right to ask for at least 1 or 2 days off for each Feast, if not 2 days then 1 day.. it is very important to us to be with family and celebrite the feast so do you think we have the right to ask for this because i do
although i don’t know who to ask, LOL
Incorrectly Political :
why would you say that we both are enemy, your wrong we are not, me and my family have plenty of christian friends who we love and they love us too, and here in America i never have a problem being muslim and also in Iraq Muslim and christian gets along real good we they like each other…

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