I’m not sure if anyone really knows to much about what happened to the student who got suspended for attending his girlfriend’s prom but I would like to know if a school can punish a student just because it goes against their beliefs and honor code. I have friends who go to a christian school and they have to sign a honor/moral code at the beginning of the year that says that they cannot go to the movies, have a myspace ( but they are aloud to have a facebook), or even hug someone of the opposite sex. I’m sure there are more but I can’t remember them. Now I know that the school is totally within their rights to have these rules during the school year, during school hours and school events, sports, and other activities. But can they suspend you for doing these things outside of the school like going to the movies or hugging a girl. It seems to me like there is(or should be) a limit to what they can restrict and punish their student for.

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