uhm..well my family is christian..i was brought up in a christian belief since as a baby…and until i became a teenager, i believed in God….but as i grew older, maturerer and “wiser” , i began to have doubts about the existence of God as when i used to ask for stuff..and never be answered…but now im opening my eyes and realizing that God has a different plan in my life when he doesnt responds to my prayers..for instance: i always used to pray to retunr back to my country…but i didnt..and maybe God thinks its best for me..and recently i prayed for God to help someone…and He did.! i’m guessing that just beleiving in God is a big thing…its like believing that ghosts exist..i believe in God from this day on…its all about faith…and also i plant to accept God as my SAvior…but i want to be really sure…

so anywaysz… the question is…. tell me an event that has happened that made you be sure 100 percent that God really does exist.

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