Recent anti-Trinitarian questions have stated that the early Church did not believe in the Trinity. If that is your position, how do you explain these early Christian writings, some about the second person and some about all three persons of the Trinity?

1. Justin Martyr referred to the deity of Christ so often that space does not permit the reproduction of his statements here. But this statement of his sums it up succinctly: “We will prove that we worship him reasonably; for we have learned that he is the Son of the true God Himself, that he holds a second place, and the Spirit of prophecy a third.” This is a clear description of the Trinity.

2. In the Huleatt Manuscript from 50 AD is found a description of Mark 14 (where a woman pours perfume on Jesus). It says “…But, when the disciples saw it, they were indignant…. God, aware of this, said to them,: “Why do you trouble this woman?’” Jesus is the speaker about whom the writer says, “God … said to them ….”

3. The letter of Barnabas in 74 AD says, “And further, my brethren, if the Lord endured to suffer for our soul, he being the Lord of all the world, to whom God said at the foundation of the world, ‘Let us make man after our image, and after our likeness,’ understand how it was that he endured to suffer at the hand of men” (Letter of Barnabas 5).

4. In 140 AD, Aristides wrote, “[Christians] are they who, above every people of the Earth, have found the truth, for they acknowledge God, the creator and maker of all things, in the only-begotten Son and in the Holy Spirit” (Apology 16).

The list goes on and on, but nobody likes a lengthy question and this one’s too long already.
Father K: I saw that in one of your questions and was astonied, if you know what I mean. :-)
Q&A Queen: I have read the Bible and there are a number of places that prove Jesus’ deity. My personal favorite is John 8:58. If you know your Bible, you’ll know exactly what it means.

58Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”
Dewcoons: Thank you and I completely agree with you. However, the question has been debated ad nauseum with regard to scripture. The recent attack has been on “early writings.” This question addresses those early writings. Why does everyone assume that because I’m asking about early writings, I have not read and believed the Bible?
TeeM: (a) You’re quoting people who gave their opinion ABOUT Justin Martyr, etc. I went to the source. (b) I’m an editor, so I understand English grammar. But the Bible wasn’t written in English. English grammar does not apply.
Tzadiq: Yours is a really interesting answer. You believe in God. You believe in Yeshua’s deity. But you have a problem with The Spirit of God, named in Genesis 1:2, Judges 3:10, Judges 6:34, Judges 14:6, 1 Samuel 10:6, 1 Samuel 16:13, Ezekiel 11:5. Most people who deny the Trinity, deny Yeshua, not the spirit. Interesting.

I know plenty of devout Christians, in fact quite a few entire Christian Churches that love and welcome gay and lesbian parishoners, even clergy.
I listened to Evangelical speakers discussing gay marriage, and they came away agreeing we deserve civil unions at a minimum, and always, respect as human beings.
my point is, your preacher may spit venom on gays and lesbians, but he is NOT CHRIST HIMSELF.
Ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do?
He sure wouldn’t be protesting soldier’s funerals to espouse God’s wrath against America for coddling gays.
Level 1
Hey you ! Gay! I support all those Christians, Jews and Muslims for condemning same sex por.n.o . This is a crisis that started at the time of Abraham!And yes it still continous……our kids ,relatives ,friends are all in danger!
kill em all!”

Pardon me? same sex por.n.o . This is a crisis that started at the time of Abraham?

would that have been on betamax? who mentioned por.n.o? and if porn is demeaning, isn’t male/female porno the same? I don’t know if you are not a native English speaker, but you’re not communicating clearly.
Love the sinner,hate the sin.You either believe in the Lord and his teachings,or you don’t.We welcome gays in our church,but that doesn’t mean you will be married in it.”

I appreciate the welcome, and I’m not asking to be married in your church. I’ll ask that while I’m there, I hear more of love than hate in the sermon from the minister, and the parishoners. From what you’ve said, I’d enjoy a Sunday morning sharing a pew with you.

“one family is responsible for most of the protesting,and they’re Baptist.”

actually, they are members of one particular Baptist church, and for the most part, are also related (read:inbred) I was raised a Baptist, but there’s no way anyone from my church would protest like that.

This is a question from something that came up during an R&S forum at my University, where I was one of the 3 people who gave a speech.

The speaker from one of the many Christian groups at our school said that any non-Christian would not even want to find themselves in the Christian Heaven.

(He was saying this in defense when someone said “Why are Christians so concerned with getting non-Christians into Heaven?”)

The speaker said that Heaven is a place where you completely acknowledge Christ as your Lord and Savior and you devote the rest of eternity giving all of your soul to Christ in Heaven. Therefore, any non-Christian wouldn’t want to be there anyway because they would not want to give their soul to Christ for eternity. He said that Hellwould probably be a more likable place for non-Christians because they are not told what to do for eternity…but they can never be one with God in Heaven, so ultimately they are missing out.

What are your thoughts on his statement?

Hank Hanegraaff calls himself the “Bible Answer Man” and appears very authoritative (his slogan is “Because Truth Matters”). On his radio show 8/1/08 he brought up “bacterial flagellum” as evidence of design in the universe. But it is widely known that this argument was demolished in the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover case (in which the judge concluded the ID proponents were lying). On youtube you can easily find** Ken Miller (a real scientist) explaining why it doesn’t hold up (he was an expert witness in the case).

Then I heard another speaker (Mike Kestler, I think) where he documents an “actual case of someone surviving being swallowed by a whale” (James Bartley). But after a quick search, I find this story is apocryphal*** (e.g., no records of him on the ship named, the ship was not a whaling ship, the captain’s wife admitted it was hogwash).

I see this over and over again. Can someone tell me: have these people lost their moral compass, or do these experts not know how to use Google? What is going on?

To Dee:
These people *are* spokespeople of the church. Christian radio station owners hire them, Christian listeners give them money, Christian sponsors run ads during their shows. In addition to my original question, I have to wonder why Christians don’t in general weed these “false teachers” out.

An event hosted by the Islamic Human Rights Commission marking the launch of its latest report on the Muslim-Christian Roma Minorities of Bulgaria.


Islamic Human Rights Commission


29 January 2010



An exclusive event launching IHRC’s latest report entitled “Europe’s Shame: Anti-Muslim Hatred and the Roma of Bulgaria”, featuring the unspoken plight of Bulgaria’s suffering Muslim-Christian Roma Minorities.

Europe’s Shame: Anti-Muslim Hatred and the Roma of Bulgaria by Seyfeddin Kara, 40 pages, ISBN 978-1-903718-36-0, £7, spiral bound, Publication Date: 3 March 2010

Speakers include:

Assen Christov, Former Member of Parliament in Bulgaria presenting a first hand perspective of the discrimination faced.
Seyfeddin Kara, IHRC Head of Campaigns and the report’s author, who will be presenting a powerpoint of his fieldwork and over viewing the report.

Including light food and refreshments


Wednesday 3rd March 2010, 6.30pm – 9.00pm


The Islamic College,

133 High Road, Willesden, London, NW10 2SW

Nearest Tube Station: Willesden Green Underground Station on the Jubilee Line.

Christians:Are there any sectors who worshipped Mary as a God?if yes,when?

What do you know about Plautdietsch speakers?

Hi, everybody:

Can anybody tell me some of these facts:

-Are current Plautdietsch-speaking people the most conservative Mennonites?? (More to the Amish style or do they use electricity and modern ammenities and are just part of the Mennonite Christian denomination??)

-Can you tell me about some communities that speak Plautdietsch in Canada or the U.S.?? (Plautdietsch is a Low German dialect and Pennsylvania German is a High Germanic one, so they are quite different)

-I assume most Plautdietsch speakers nowdays are at least bilingual, since there is also a dominant language in the country they live (e.g. English in the U.S. and Canada, Spanish in Mexico, Paraguay and South America).

-Does somebody here speak Plautdietsch?? Can you tell me some facts about the usage?? Do you use it all the time at home?? Are there Plautdietsch services at your church?? Do your children speak the language??

-I heard that people that speak Plautdietsch read the Bible in High German, is this correct?? Do you sing hymns in Plautdietsch?

Thank you!!

DANKE (Is this how you say it in Plautdietsch?)

The most common response to non-Christians asking Biblical questions is that we take scripture out of context. Meaning, we don’t pay attention to the critical “who, what and where” of a scriptural quote, so we don’t understand the speakers message. Women speaking in church, or Jesus bringing a sword and setting family members at war against each other, are common examples.

However, when Christ gives the “fig tree” speech, telling those people in front of them that THEY will see certain things happen, and know that when THEY do, it will be the time of his return, all context is thrown out. In context Christ is speaking to a specific group of individuals of specific generation. Yet the entire Christian faith is based on taking it out of context, and interpreting it to mean some other people of some future generation. He doesn’t say “if” they see those things happen, he says “when” they see those things happen. He doesn’t say “they,” (some future generation) he says “you” (the people standing in front of Him). Why is that?
Very dissapointed, but not surprised, inthe lack of Christian response.
So, Marvel you agree that the entire Christian faith is based on the false claims made about Christ’s return?

I just want to know, I mean I like 9mm better than speakers, but in his new song Get Like me, he has a shirt saying he is christian and then at the end of the video, gets his cross chaings and zooms into the camera…I mean it doesnt make sense to me. I mean if you going to make a song with guns in it, why are you still going to say you are christian and show that you are like christian? It dont make sense..If you are going to make a dirty version of a song like that, its fine, just dont say you are Christian like that, its f*ckin stupid

Not bashin on Banner, just dont understand what point he is trying to get..

thats the music video of Get Like me, song is hot

There’s an argument that eternal punishING in (and possibly the eternal punishMENT of) hell is a gross mistranslation of the original NT bible, which was all written in GREEK.

This is because the English words “forever and ever”/”eternal” are translated from the Greek words “olam,” “aion,” and “aionios”. Some linguists & Christian Universalists argue this original Greek term means “ages” or “ages of ages”- in other words, a finite/non-eternal period of time. If so, the punishing in hell the English call “forever and ever” is a mistranslation.

But this is all studied by English speakers who don’t speak Greek.

SO WHAT DO THE GREEKS TEACH ABOUT ETERNAL PUNISHING IN HELL? Surely Greeks & the Greek Orthodox church should know the true meaning of this word, because it’s THEIR language.

(Please, no commments saying “hell’s real & forever” from your King James bible. It even mistranslates the elementary Hebrew word ‘sheol’ (grave, pit) to ‘hell’, so I have no trust in it)

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