because many Bibles contain different interpretantion or translation of the psalms and I am using a hebrew Bible but I should if I should pray the Jewish version of the Bible or a christian version of the Bible in my language in order to tell the psalms?

I am agnostic and I have attended Christian schools all my life (because there are no others in the area). Here in South Africa (or at least in my area) there are more churches than restaurants, and many different denominations. Religion is very delicate, and all schools here have at least one morning assembly per week in which there is invariably a prayer. Sometimes there are more, for instance during morning announcements (important information for the day).

In primary school, not really understanding what a prayer was, I bowed my head and said “amen” along with the others. In middle school, I still bowed my head by respect but kept my eyes open and didn’t say “amen”. Now, in high school, I see lots of people who are clearly not Christian keep their heads high during the prayer.

What is the respectful thing to do? I don’t want to be a hypocrite and pray with them, but I don’t want to stick out as a black sheep. Should I keep bowing my head but not praying?

i am president of the Christian club at my school and we have had guest speakers come and give sermons every week so far this year.
got any ideas for a fun activity that can be done with a group of high school students to get them thinking about God
this has to be something we can do in our lunch period, just something quick and fun.
were not trying to convert non believers. our purpose is to give those Christians at the school, and anyone who is not, but is just curious, a place they can go to discuss and learn about God

Christian university introduces elementary education adult degree program in Idaho
BOISE, Idaho Adults interested in becoming a teacher in Idaho are encouraged to apply now for the fall start of a new elementary education degree program offered at George Fox University.Classes are offered at the universitys Boise Center, located at 1810 S. Eagle Road,…

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I live in one of the most Christian towns in the world. try to guess where it is based on this:
-Has 63 churches
– Has more churches per capita than any other town in the U.S.
– Has over 10 Christian private schools
– Has one of the most prestigious Christian colleges in the U.S.
– Many famous pastors/speakers have graduated from that college

Maybe I’m crazy but see if you can guess.

Muslim speakers aim to foster community understanding, harmony
If America can be seen as either a melting pot or a mixed salad of cultures, then Fort Morgan truly is a microcosm of both.

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Why are some Christians Racist and Homophobic?
I’ve seen plenty of programs where Christian speakers have condemned coloured people and Gay people, one person (who had many supporters) even refered to a black person as “someone God had left in the oven too long”

Now if God created everything blah blah blah then why are black people seen like this? And if he has given everyone their own choice because he loves us so much then why is being gay seen as wrong when it’s there choice?
Ha, homophobic even :)

As for the “same reason as muslims view white people as the devil” thats the reason im wanting to find out.
In responce to batgirl2good, your answer makes no sense, not all those people believe that God created everything.

TV actor coming to First Baptist Church in July
ORANGE PARK – A television actor who was part of the 1980s TV sitcom “Growing Pains” and who later became an advocate for Christian-centered marriage will appear in Orange Park this summer.

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5: John Cena
#4: Christian
#3: Edge
#2: Chris Jericho
#1: The Rock

Silver Takes it on the Chin

Silver Takes it on the Chin
Muddle Through, or Crisis? This week I finish the two-part letter on the Endgame and give you my thoughts on the economy and how it all plays out over the next five years. This is the second part of a speech I gave last week at the Strategic Investment Conference in La Jolla.


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