Ok…so I am a Christian and lately I have been hearing a lot about how the world is supposedly going to end in 2012. There was even a damn movie preview called “2012” that comes out next year (Good job at getting the American public worried). Well, doesn’t the Bible state how no one knows when the world is going to end except for God? Also, don’t certain events need to occur before Jesus comes back to earth? I am not too familiar with the book of Revelations, so anyone that could let me know would be great. I just don’t understand how the Mayans, who aren’t even Christians, can predict that last day of the world. I am not afraid to go to Heaven, but I am only a college student and have so many goals in my life that I want to accomplish before that day comes.

Please only respond with intelligent answers and don’t be bashing the Bible either. Thanks!
Wow when I say for intelligent responses only…that requires an IQ and knowing what the word “intelligence” means. Yes, I am a college student (not some little HS or grade school kid) who happens to have OCD…so sorry if my disorder makes me worry so much about this issue. And in my question, I mention that the Mayans ARE NOT Christians, hence why I am wondering why everyone is making such a big deal about their calendar when their religion is meaningless. The main reason why I prompted this question is because when I went to see Quantum of Solace over the weekend, there was a movie preview for the upcoming film “2012” and for the audience to google it…nice.

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