I know this is long, but will you please help me?

I am 17 years old and Christian and I went to this gathering for LGBT youth because I am gay. There was a table outside with Christians there and I went to them because I thought they were part of the event. My friend Karla went with me. The people at the table were adults froma church and they started saying that I would get AIDS if I was gay. And they said that the anus is made for going to the bathroom not having sex, and they embarrassed me because I’m not really comfortable talking about those things. N-E-ways, I wasn’t there to have anal sex like they assumed, I was just there to talk to people. And I wear a promise ring because I don’t want to be intimate with anyone until I meet the right man to spend my life with in a comitted relationship. I’m too young for sex, and I don’t know if I even want to do it in the ways that they kept wanting to talk about. I wanted to talk about religion and about how to form a comited relationship as a gay person, but they kept saying that God made the penis & the vagina for sex, not the anus and I got really embarrassed and I don’t know why they kept focusing on just this. My friend Karla is gay too, and their points don’t even make sense for women.

N-E-ways, I was hoping that someone here who read the Bible could help me because I am a Christian and I am gay and I just want to have love like everyone else does. And I am not going to sleep around and get AIDS and all the stuff that people say. I am a good person and a good student and one day I will meet another good person who will be a Christian man and we will have a comitted loving relationship together and follow Christ’s example to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Can you help me to know if this is OK. Pleaze?

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