Instead of whining about him being on ECW. can’t we just be happy he’s back?? i like it, 1. i wouldn’t have ever expected him to return on ECW, 2. if he’s returned on smackdown spoilers would have been all over the place, ECW was live tonight. i think there being smart when chris jericho returned they immediately pushed him into the main event with wwe champion Randy Orton. but with christian there taking it slow which is good they pushed Y2J so hard during his return that his crowd responses started to die off slightly and he got stuck in the mid-card with the intercontinental championship. so with Christian there not hyping it to much there taking it nice and easy which is good, I’m sure he’ll be in the wwe championship picture real soon and i know he’s got bigger plans for him on smackdown in the Matt Vs Jeff feud. but i honestly think they planned his return perfectly, none of us expected him to return to ECW of all places and that made it a total shocker, there starting slow and gradually moving him into the main event.

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