The Midwest has literally hundreds of exceptional Christian Camps.  In Ohio, alone, there are 43 Christian Camp and Conference Association member camps.  Many have served generations of families in healthy, fun, and deeply personal ways.

There are a variety of programs, formats, and types of groups that Christian Camps serve.  There are Family Camps, Day Camps, Kids Camps, Group Camps, and Resident Camps.  There are also camps specifically for athletes, those with disabilities, single parents, musicians, and other groups.  

And Christian Camps will offer programs centered around activities, too.  Some of these include programs in Art, Sports, Whitewater Rafting, Music, Drama, and Writing.  These are especially good, because enthusiasts can spend a week receiving instruction and practicing their skills, and they can also meet others who share the same passion and interests.

Ohio also has some excellent Outdoor Education programs with eight CCCA member camps offering these kinds of experiences.  Christian Camp Outdoor Education curriculum options include Animal Studies, Exploratory Science, Plant and Earth Studies, Wilderness Survival Training, and other specialized training.  These programs use college prepared staff members with many being certified in the areas they teach.

Most Christian camps have their own websites which makes searching program options and registration really easy.  Christian camp websites will include events calendars, program descriptions, age or other restrictions or groupings, the camp’s philosophy and faith statement, and costs and special instructions for campers.  Lodge and cabin rentals, group rates, holiday weekends or discounts, and other specials can also be found on camp websites, so if you want to plan your own group retreat or special get-away weekend, Christian camps are the way to go.

What makes Christian Camps unique, and very special, is their commitment to providing youth, adults, families and groups opportunities to unplug from the distractions of life, re-focus on what really matters, relax, grow from God’s Word, and build great relationships.  And these special experiences all take place in beautiful settings where campers can revel in God’s amazing creation.

So, as Spring approaches, make plans with friends, or your Church, or with your family to spend a really special week at a Christian Camp.  Do a few web searches around the type of program you are looking for, the denomination you may prefer, or the location you hope to visit.  You can also visit the directory of Ohio Christian Camps, which allows the user to search for camps in a variety of ways.

Mark Dubler is the Executive Director of Otyokwah Camp & Retreat Center and a Christian Camps expert. Check out our great discounts for first-time groups at Camp Otyokwah.

Mark Dubler has been a leader, host, and participant in camps and retreats for the last twenty years.

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