AMy campus has black christian sororities, it also has a few divine 9 sororities as well. I had been planning on pledging a D9 org, but lately some of the Christian orgs have been asking if I am interested. When I told one member I was looking at a few other orgs they told me it was possible to join a D9 org and their organization because one is social and the other is religious, similar to being in an org like Kappa Kappa Psi or Mason/OES and a D9 sorority/Fraternity.

Here are my questions.
Would the D9 org see a problem if I am pledging a Christian sorority at the same time or if I am in one already?
Would it be a contradiction to do both? Both orgs step, strut, probate, etc. Being at one orgs parties, then another’s Spiritual event? I don’t act “bad” at parties or drink or anything, but would it cause a problem between orgs?

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