When you think of weddings and imagine the list of songs that a bride and groom will choose, you would naturally picture out heartfelt, romantic love songs with all the mushy description of love. Commonly these are the kind songs couples would tend to choose to be played at on their wedding.

But have you ever thought about using a Christian wedding song with an upbeat melody? I have actually attended a wedding event wherein the bride and the groom chose a unique song line up. Instead of choosing the usual sentimental love songs, I was amazed and impressed when they opted to use Christian rock wedding music on their wedding reception.

Yes, you heard it right. They actually chose a wedding music with a rock genre. Contrary to the assumption that guests would not appreciate the song line-up, surprisingly everyone loved it and enjoyed it even the oldies. It is not even offensive because if you listen to the lyrics of the song, it actually is a Christian song, only it comes with an upbeat melody.

These days, modern couples are getting more and more open to suggestions and are eager to try out unique ways to make their special event really memorable and fun. Although most couples would still opt to choose the sentimental music, it is not a bad idea at all to suggest a different kind of song genre. Of course, you will need to consider the location where the song should be played. For instance, though the song is Christian by nature, I believe it’s not appropriate to be played during the wedding ceremony considering it is a solemn event. However, you can always play it during the wedding reception where everyone will surely enjoy.

So to all couples planning to get married, you might want to consider playing a Christian wedding song with a rock genre. Trust me, it’s very worth it.


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