Christians want ONLY their nativity scenes and 10 commandments placed for ALL to see on public property. They want ONLY their religion to be forced upon ALL American children in public schools. They want ONLY prayer to the christian god to be allowed at High School Sports events, they also want exclusive rights for student validictorians to give christian laced speeches at graduation ceremonies.

Public : 6 a : accessible to or shared by all members of the community.

Do you understand this definition of public? Do you understand what ALL MEMBERS means? Do you understand that Atheists, Muslims, Homosexuals, and many other non-christian types are equal members of the community? Do you understand why the public sphere is neutral when it comes to representing differing beliefs?

If you understand all of that…why oh why do you persist in wanting EXCLUSIVE rights to showcase your god in the public sphere? And why, when denied those exclusive rights, do you scream PERSECUTION? Why are most all christians self-righteous hypocrites in this regard?

Why is it that christians cannot be happy with thousands of christian churches, millions of christians homes and 99.9% of all politicians/lawmakers being Christian? It seems if you cannot have the entire pie then that contitutes persecution in your minds…correct?

Most all of you will claim to be tolerant people…but you will not tolerate an atheist statement set up next to a nativity scene on a courthouse lawn…you will not tolerate a muslim prayer or an atheist statement to follow a christian prayer at a High School football game…you will not tolerate the idea that if christians want christianity taught in public schools then atheism and Islam should be taught as well.

That is intolerance, and in many instances it is outright hostility towards allowing anything other than Christianity into the public sphere.

The US Constitution, AKA, Man’s Law of the Land does not grant christians exclusive rights to the public sphere….so why are you all so persistent in wanting to exclude differing beliefs, why are you all so persistent in wanting exclusive rights to display christianity in the public sphere?
LOL…you know a question has hit a raw nerve and is quite factual when NO christians will dare to answer…thanks to the moral non-christians for their truthful answers.

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