There’s an argument that eternal punishING in (and possibly the eternal punishMENT of) hell is a gross mistranslation of the original NT bible, which was all written in GREEK.

This is because the English words “forever and ever”/”eternal” are translated from the Greek words “olam,” “aion,” and “aionios”. Some linguists & Christian Universalists argue this original Greek term means “ages” or “ages of ages”- in other words, a finite/non-eternal period of time. If so, the punishing in hell the English call “forever and ever” is a mistranslation.

But this is all studied by English speakers who don’t speak Greek.

SO WHAT DO THE GREEKS TEACH ABOUT ETERNAL PUNISHING IN HELL? Surely Greeks & the Greek Orthodox church should know the true meaning of this word, because it’s THEIR language.

(Please, no commments saying “hell’s real & forever” from your King James bible. It even mistranslates the elementary Hebrew word ‘sheol’ (grave, pit) to ‘hell’, so I have no trust in it)

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