my dad is very stubborn and everything has to always go his way. both my parents are christian scientists, and i was raised in CS too…and i think this is the craziest religion in the world. it makes no sense to me, but i go to church and a christian science school, but i feel so restricted and that nobody listens to me that i wanna kill myself. this fall i’m going to be a junior in high school, and want to go to this catholic school near my house. its a great school, but my dad doesnt want me to go because he doesnt want me to have “religious instruction in Catholicism” because its like, “opposite” of christian science, but i could care less about christian science. i’ve told him that the theology classes arent meant to convert students, but meant to teach the history etc. of catholicism. also, i want to go to this school because, living in Saint Louis, almost every private school is catholic and they’re always having parties and school events together, and my school is a total loner school, with no social events or fun dances…this is a major crisis in my life, and i need some help convincing my dad, and i have to convince him soon, or im doomed to my horrible school until i graduate…and i’l rather die than go to my school any longer….HELP ME
i can’t access that video, but if anybody knows what its about, can u please tell me?! thanks

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