I recently went to a Church service with my father. One of the speakers began talking about evidence of design in the universe as proof of the Christian God in a pseudo-philosophical way.

Of course, most of the audience were content with this “proof” for the existance of their God, but I was not.

To me, evidence of design in the universe would logically lead onto some form of deism, as there are imperfections and suffering caused by natural disasters. There seems to be no clear cut reason why any design exhibited within the universe would point to the existence of the Christian God.

So I would like to ask, How would evidence of design point toward the Chrsitian God? Is there another part to the design argument that specifically targets the Christian God as the creator?

Thanks for your answers in advance :0)
Please note that this is not meant to offend Christians or their religion in any way – your personal beliefs are nothing to do with me. I am simply asking a question. Thanks.

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