Describe the environment you come from – for example, your family, community, or school – and how this environment has affected or influenced your plans for the future.

My school consists of me, a kitchen table, and my schoolwork. I began homeschooling the start of my freshman year in high school after graduating from a small Christian school. My family and I couldn’t afford the expenses of a nearby private academy where all my friends attended. The idea of being home away from my friends made me depressed, but I stayed strong and moved on.
Each of my several classes consist of an hour of study followed by a break. A short resting period refreshes my mind and helps me prepare for my next course. My classes are varied with different assignments ranging from multiple choice questions to 10 page research papers. My continual study of new materials has better prepared me for the challenging tasks of college. I like to keep my school organized by maintaining the same schedule each day. A consistent schedule has provided me with structure and focus. I’ve also had the great opportunity of choosing my classes each year with the guidance of my school adviser and parents. This option has allowed me to decide the type of courses to assist my preferred field of study for the future.
Occasionally, my school assignments lack an explanation thorough enough for my understanding. Not having a teacher to explain the materials or another student to work with, I’ve had to go to the extra mile to figure out certain problems. I’ve spent many hours on the internet looking for better explanations and examples until finding a logical explanation. In certain occasions, a neighbor has helped me with assignments. Homeschooling has taught me to use every possible resource until the job is done. Not a single dilemma, whether a confusing physics lab or a long research paper, has stopped me from finishing the task.
My family has taught me Christian values and good morals throughout my life. Being kind and honest are two of the qualities that have been engraved in my mind. I plan to bring all the positive, virtuous attributes I’ve managed to acquire into action. Assisting classmates, discussing current events, and being part of a classroom are a few of the many activities I want to participate in. Not only do I want to better my character, but help shape the lives of my fellow students.

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