Blake McCord

I was coming home from college, on interstate 40. A summer at home in Nashville was the only thing on my mind. I rubbed my eyelids, and ran my fingertips through my hair to wake myself up. My Pontiac Grand Am ran through Knoxville at seventy miles an hour, which in Tennessee is going very slow.
Life for me up until this point had been a series of luke warm events, nothing spectacular no real loss, major heartbreaks or anything of substance. Maybe that was my attraction to literature; in fact it was probably my attraction to all stories. Movies, books, even music. If I was born in ancient times my job would definitely be storyteller.
As a result of all this I had enrolled in the teaching program at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I had done pretty well academically, but I had never gotten that inspirational spark of what I wanted for my life. I guess you could have called me an overachieving slacker.
My life was lonely, but I didn’t complain. I had been like that all my life, living inside my head. Mom called it a great imagination, but I knew I was compensating for my lack of interest in real life. Growing up in Kentucky wasn’t all that great for me I was never the star quarterback, or the gifted intellectual. I was the academically middling intellectual and the athletic person who squandered what they had. I had never even dated a girl seriously. Sure, I had been on dates in high school, but I never found someone that I liked enough to commit to in a relationship.
One reason may have been the perfection I saw in books I read, of true love like a romeo and Juliet play. I knew I never would reach that level of love so I didn’t want to give a half assed attempt. Don’t think my self pity wasn’t nauseating even to me, a young white teenagers problems in the American southeast. I was just so tired of not being active in my own life. I was convinced that I would live the rest of my life in middle class mediocrity.
However, unknown to me at the time my life would never be the same after this summer. I would learn that inspiration is not all that it’s cracked up to be. My emotional extremes which up to this point had never been tested would be stretched to their limits.

Sarah Reynolds

I was a nice girl, just going to college and trying to fit in. My mother and father were very into their Christian religion, and taught me to respect god as well. As a pre med student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee I had learned to work hard and never expected anything to come between me and my dreams.
I was walking back to my car one night from a get together with some of my girlfriends when I was hit in the back of the head. I saw nothing but stars, I woke up a moment later and a man was on top of me, and I couldn’t stop him. He raped me, and left me in between two parked cars bloody and hurt.
I was found by a friend coming out of the same party I had just left. She took me to a doctor, and they treated me. They called my parents, and asked them to come to Nashville from South Carolina. I cried all that night, even after my friend brought me to her house. I felt so powerless, but I knew that I would get through this. That god would help me, than I found out that I was pregnant a few days later. My father was a lawyer who fought for anti abortion legislation, so that option would definitely not work. Not just because of my father, but because of my personal beliefs also.
Two months later I was trying to get my life on track, when I met someone, and it changed my life. He was a shy, melancholy boy who didn’t know how much of an effect he would have on me.
I’m going to set it up like your typical love story than two months into it reveal. She’s going to go back home leave him, but he will follow her there. Is that a good twist? What changes would be good? Thanks.
Also she’s going to wrestle with getting an abortion but blake will offer to take care of the baby as his own, I have not worked out the rest yet.
I am also having trouble with what perspective to use, should I alternate the first person between the two or go strictly in Blake’s head. I don’t know if I can do the female side as well.

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