I was raised in the Church from an early age, and was into the typical youth group stuff all the way up through maybe high school, when I sorta lost interest in the whole thing.

Now that I’m off at college, with no parents to drag me to church on Sunday, I’ve pretty much stopped going – have been nearly gone from it for a few years.

Also, recent events are having an impact on me, and I’m finding that Christianity isn’t really compatible with my lifestyle at present.

I mean, I still identify as Christian (on forms, surveys and stuff), but don’t practice at all. My bible sits here on the shelf, unread for a long time.

It’s just that living the life the bible commands would steer me down a path that I really don’t want to go down right now – I’m not interested in marriage, family and a nice calm life at the moment.

I’m in my 20s and plan on living it up for a while here.
I know this sounds *very* selfish…but is there any hope for me if, at some point, I wanted to come back?
I’m also somewhat discontented with all the church-hopping I did as a child – my mom never could make up her mind – we went from Episcopal, to foursquare, to Baptist…etc. And now she’s some kind of reformed baptist or something.

I’m sick of the politics and labels, personally. Perhaps that’s one reason I’m staying away?

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