who am I?…….if not JESUS!
I AM NOT OFFENDING BELIF OF CHRISTIAN OR MUSLIM BROTHERS. My que is not a religious que only but its a que of pschology and spirituality also.
be serious………dear brothers and sisters.

i am a student my age is 23 and i have faced a strange event in my life which not only change my menal and spiritual stregth but physical changes also occured. you can not ignore them .
i was very week and felt inferior but at the the same time i was also a religious person .
i was not thinking myself even a good person.
after my christian teacher’s prayer through which icame for the firsttime in contact with christians.
in the jan last of this year all this year started.
for six months i have kept at a strange spiritual state that caused me to be in fear of death and the in fear of doomsday. after some time i felt that i get revelations to unite all at the basis of the spritual origin of man kind and i am the one who is awaited for 2000 years .
at the time of this change i was so exited that icould not give recognition to any thing or any relation or identity of myself .
even an earth quake happened when i was challenged of my claim one day{march 2006} .this was the event which stopped the belief of others that i am mad.
i warn all to discuss about God and religion and advise to give help to poors as much as u can

you can contact me at lovingtheone@gmail.com
………………………..your brother

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