I’m a conservative and a christian. I grew up with a Pentecostal back ground but I don’t claim a religion just for the fact that separate religions (OF CHRISTIANITY) don’t make sense to me. Anyway, I read allot of liberal answers to the questions on this site. Some (emphasis on “some!”) liberals claim to be liberal but have good points when it comes to the bible. I see a far left wing liberal when I here them talk including our muslim president, as someone who tries to abolish all morals and claim “Freedom” basically meaning you should be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want and have no consequences in this life or life after death. Liberals are succeeding in taking God out of schools. They are succeeding in taking prayer out of public events. They are succeeding in aborting babies in the worst, most gruesome ways. They don’t want to “torture” the master mind of 9-11 because they say he has rights?!?!? They want world peace and think its okay to apologize to communist leader around the country that would love to nuke America to the ground any day now. America should not apologize for protecting it’s freedom and freedom of others 233 years ago up to the present. We haven’t had a world war in over 60 years because we stop communist leaders from getting to that level of power to try “take over the world.” Innocent people do die during these wars and that is a horrible thing. Freedom does not come free, and I myself would be willing to sacrifice myself if it meant this country not being over run by any other country, tyrant, or our own social capitalists. There are many questions raised in my mind of Christianity and what the bible says about certain “sensative topics” like abortion. I would not, could not, and will not ever believe in it, but if a 13 year old girl gets raped in a 3rd world country somewhere, where adoption is not an option and the baby was born with defenciensies to far gone to be able to ever care for itself and she knew this before the baby was born, is it okay??? I know that the worst case but it’s how I think. Is the death penalty okay? I believe so. If you kill, you should be killed. If you rape, you should be raped. If you steal you should be stolen from. But the bible says “thou shalt not kill” and to “not seek revenge.” Is it okay to curse, the bible says nothing (that I know of) about specific words you cannot say. God never says, “thou shalt not say F***, S***, D*** or other for letter words and even has words like damned and ass. So don’t tell me I’m going to hell for cursing. I am reading a book right now that is a true investigation by a Christion who is a former atheist and tries to investigate and give these answers as best as possible based on the world’s most renound past and present philosophers, scientists, preachers, athiests, biologists, and many others. “How can a God who is so loving not give a dirt poor woman if Africa rain when she is on her knees holding her baby and begging for it because that is all she would need to survive and there is no rain and she days.” That’s the first question raised in this book. I love the Lord and no matter who close to me dies in any way I will still love him. I just plan on asking him these questions when I get to spend the rest of eternity with him. So my point is, there are SO many unanswered questions relating the bible to politics and world events and the world is going to hell in a hand basket right now with what is seems like that left wing liberals are pushing it to right now. Is it possible for liberals to be Christian when it seems that they are the ones pushing this world to its moral end!!!

I know this sounds more like a blog. But comment however you like. This is a moral based political question of curiousity, so I’m not trying to set this up for any party which ever you are to be bashed or overlly affended.

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