My husband and I have recently visited the Mapparium at the Christian Science Library in Boston. A few days after the visit, I actually realized why my husband wasn’t so impresed with his visit : he was sure there were microphones and speakers inside the sphere to amplify the voices of visitors. He thought that the particular acoustic of the place was actually due to an artificial voice amplifying system. I assured him that the acoustic within the Mapparium is all natural and due to the shape (shperic) and the material (stain glass) of the place but he won’t beleive me. I know there are speakers for the presentation (visual and sound effect) but what about for the visitor’s voice ? I looked everywhere on the internet and I even found result of a research about the acoustic of the place but nowhere is it written that the “whispering gallery effect” one can experience within the Mapparium isn’t helped by any microphones/speakers device. Can you help me convince my husband ?!

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