I’m attending a small, private Christian university, but they keep doing things that I’ve always been told can’t be done by Christians! They teach evolution! My professors have said they love reading Harry Potter! They don’t take the Bible 100% literally! The school library has ‘The God Delusion,’ and a subscription to Secular Humanist magazine! (I think that’s the one- as a good Christian, I averted my eyes once I figured out what it was).
Not only are there students ‘of color,’ they allow inter-racial dating and secular music! We’ve even had a benefit concert with Christian ‘rap’! And Cultural Appreciation events, of countries that aren’t Christian!
They dare disrespect the holy names of Pat Robertson and Sarah Palin! (one professor called Robertson an ‘idiot,’ and classmates have called Palin an ‘opportunist who doesn’t know anything’).
Girls are allowed to wear pants! The students here actually want to HELP poor people! There are people here who are NOT Republican! My peers seem to respect those of other faiths, and even consider Catholics to be Christian, even though the Bible says they aren’t!
People would rather help a woman who needed abortion than just yell at her and pass laws! They still feel it’s wrong, but, my God, they actually think we should HELP them in some way! And that pro-choicers are people, too! Most of my peers would be friends with someone AFTER they found out they were atheist or homosexual. There’s even a guy here who wears a wig, skirt and nail polish! He uses the men’s room, so he’s a guy. I don’t know if he’s goth or gay or what, but I thought we were supposed to let those kinds of people know Jesus doesn’t love them! They actually made us books by people like Shane Claiborne, who thinks the war in Iraq was wrong, and that people shouldn’t be capitalist! Our proffesors even make us THINK about our faith!
Who do I call?! These people aren’t really Christian, are they?!
Alright, I’m being sarcastic. I’m TRYING to show that Christians aren’t all… well, like I was pretending to be. As for spelling, IT’S 2-Freakin’-30 IN THE MORNING!

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