Okay, so this is my very mixed-up problem…

Due to some unfortunate events, I dropped out of school after completing eighth grade. It was very devastating for me since I had plans of going to college and have always been an A/B Honor Roll student.

Last year, I was lucky to be able to save up some money and I started 9th grade through homeschooling (from Christian Liberty Academy).

I did this because after searching around, most of the high school diploma programs that seemed to be legit required at least some high school, which I didn’t have. So now I have one year of high school.

I can’t afford to continue grades 10-12, since it costs a little over $500 per year and I have financial trouble as it is. Still, I’m trying to get my schooling back on track since I’m 20 and I want to go to college.

My plans are to go to college for a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts for animation.

Should I just get my GED? Will that be accepted by good colleges?

Or should I go with my original plan of doing one of those high school diploma programs (doesn’t have to be online)? If so, do you know any accredited ones that will be accepted by colleges?

If its about high school diploma programs, I’d like for someone experienced to have an answer for me. Someone who has gotten one and it was legit, since most of them are scams.

Thank you for any honest help you can give me. I’m in a pretty bad rut and my mind has been running circles on me.

I greatly appreciate it.

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