I recently turned 15 and have been going through a few things with my family. The most affecting thing being my mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago. Well, she had what was the most dire surgery about 6 weeks ago. She’s going into another one that’s minor in November and is expected to recover soon after that. Anyway, she’s an extremely devoted Christian along with my family. It comes up what seems like everyday, whether it’s just a ‘God is great’ type comment, it’s mentioned in some form. Though I wouldn’t classify my mom as this extreme, judgmental Christian as she’s accepting of things like people of different orientations, I know that she wouldn’t be happy or understand if I told her I’m not a Christian. My dad on the other hand isn’t someone I see regularly and when I do religion’s never discussed so that’s not an issue. My family on the other hand is pretty much the same as my mom. Even a couple of days ago my aunt took me to a Beth Moore sermon (she’s apparently seen as this empowering Christian speaker). I think the reason for this is I had talked to my cousin, her daughter, a few days before that and when religion was mentioned, I said that was ‘more of my mom’s thing’. So I guess that was her way of trying to get me more into Christianity. It’s not that I’m completely against Christianity, I just don’t want to be a part of it; I’m tired of having to agree with what they believe. But my mom’s been stressed lately and seeing her go through that has stressed me out too and I don’t want to disappoint her with this, worrying her even more. Then again, I’m not sure how many more sermons I can attend and act like I’m happy about it. Should I put up with Christianity for the time being or tell them?

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