When you are single and Christian, you want to meet someone who shares your religious beliefs. It is important to meet someone that has similar values and moral code. Meeting someone at a Christian singles event can be an ideal opportunity. It means that you meet someone you know feels their belief system is just as important to them as it is to you. Many Christian singles feel that there are actually three people in their romantic relationship: them, the other person and God. When you have a relationship with another Christian, you are with someone who understands this and respects this.

Many churches today offer events suited for the Christian single. When your church does not offer events for the Christian single, ask your priest or minister for suggestions, as they may know of a related congregation that offers Christian singles events that you can attend. Some churches have much larger congregations and some churches have a larger number of single members. It is these churches that will offer events for single Christians.

Just about any type of social activity can be fun for a single event for Christians. One of the most popular events to hold is a casual dinner and dance event. This event can include a potluck type of supper where everyone brings a dish that they have prepared. Bringing music CDs to play for everyone to dance is also a lot of fun. Many Christian singles prefer Christian rock, and bringing music that they like ensures that they will have music that they enjoy most at their singles event.

Singles events for Christians can also be themed towards Christian holidays. A Christmas event can be decorating a Christmas tree together, drinking hot cocoa, and eating Christmas cookies. Or putting together food baskets for the hungry, as many Christians like to do good works. For Easter, Christian singles could make Easter eggs with underprivileged children or even children in their own church. Or an Easter supper could be planned for Christian singles without family close by. Some singles do live on their own and traveling home becomes costly.

Letting the group plan its own events is very important. Sometimes the church will designate a group leader that can take charge of the event. It is critical that the group leader be open to suggestions from all group members, as there are times other group members will have great ideas for events. The group should not be a place for only one agenda or only one type of event. A wide variety of events is best, to please and satisfy all members. Surveying all members at least once a year can also help to gauge if the group is meeting everyone’s needs.

A singles event is not just a place to meet a potential mate, it is also a place to make new friends and create a sense of community. This shown to happen when Christian singles come together as a church group to connect with each other. Friendships develop and yes, romances do bloom. There is the chance to dance and cry at each others weddings. Most importantly, it is a time to meet other singles that share your values and beliefs.

If you want to meet Christians who share the same interest as you please visit our Christian social networking community.

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