When will supporters shun the Bush Administration for terrible sex scandals?
In Baghdad, US Army Lt. Col. William H. Steele, who was in charge of high-value detainees, is under a UCMJ Article 32 investigation for maintaining a relationship with the daughter of a detainee, and possessing pornography, including notoroious videos from Abu Gharib.

The orders to take the sexually-oriented photos and videos at Abu Gharib, some of which involve teenage Iraqi boys and girls and sodomization by their guards, came directly from a pedophile and closeted male homosexual ring “operating in the White House”, according to the intelligence sources

Additional Details

19 minutes ago
The use of military prisons in Iraq and civilian youth camps in Texas and Florida by the GOP for sexual exploitation is not the only sex scandal that stands to bring down the Bush administration and the GOP.

Beyond the male congressional page sex scandal that enmeshed GOP congressmen from Mark Foley to then-Speaker Dennis Hastert and the presence in the White House Press Corps of a reporter linked to Christian Right financiers who also ran a male prostitution escort service, the Brent Wilkes, Duke Cunningham, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo prostitute scandal involving Shirlington Limousine delivering prostitutes to the Watergate and Washington hotels to service top GOP officials and CIA personnel at “poker parties,” and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz’s sweetheart high-paying job for his girlfriend, comes news that ABC News is in possession of Deborah Palfrey’s (“the DC Madam’s) client phone number list.

14 minutes ago
Randall Tobias, the Deputy Secretary of State for International Assistance and administrator of the US Agency for International Development. Tobias, who is on record favoring abstinence to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, resigned suddenly after his name was leaked after admitting to paying a madam for a “massage”.

some members of Congress are also implicated in DC’s latest “Hookergate.”

Add the former Nevada gubernatorial candidate and one-time domina Leola McConnell about the past sexual homosexual exploits of George W. Bush and former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, as well as the peculiar Las Vegas appetites of “Morality Czar” William Bennett (whose brother Robert is serving as Wolfowitz’s attorney in the World Bank’s “Concubinegate” scandal, and we yet see the downfall of the neo-con Republican Party as a result of a LMD, “Libido of Mass Destruction.”
Check ABC News

Welcome back to TWE Re-Born, We are back from No Mercy and what a night it was for Re-Born, not only did Re-Born keep a hold of The Cruiserweight Title, but we also won the Brand V Brand Match. Umaga beat Raven of Revenge and he is being rewarded with a Title Match against New TWE Champion Edge at Cyber Sunday by GM Stephanie McMahon. Also at No Mercy as already stated Edge won the TWE title in an Elimination Fatal 4 Way Match against Rey Mysterio, Brian Kendrick and AJ Styles. The Hardy’s finally won The tag Team Title’s after beating DX, Beth retained The Women’s Title in a Fatal 4 Way against Awesome Kong, Mickie James and Gail Kim.

Event 1
Edge makes his way to the ring to celebrate his win at No Mercy, He goes onto to say he overcame the odds by winning the Elimination Fatal 4 Way Match, he says he has proved he is the best Re-Born has to offer. He then goes onto talk about Umaga, he thinks although Umaga may be a tough object to remove he is to slow to keep up with Edge. When he’s finished talking about Umaga he is interrupted by Rey Mysterio, Mysterio comes out with an announcement from Steph saying that his Match with umaga will have a Special Referee, there will be 3 contenders for this match which will be between himself, Rey Mysterio, Triple H or Rob Van Dam. This will be decided by The Fans and The Votes will start The Week before Cyber Sunday. Edge is not happy by this response, he then turns around to find Umaga in front of him, he then floors Edge with a Samoan Spike.

Event 2
Christian Cage Vs Lance Cade

Event 3
Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo have come forward and been The First to challenge The Hardy’s to their titles; they will be in action next in a Tag Match.
Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo Vs Evan Bourne and AJ Styles

Event 4
Elijah Burke is in Steph’s office, he is asking Steph for a 1 on 1 match against Chris Jericho, he tells Steph it should have been a match for No Mercy, but he will settle for it being a Main Event tonight. Burke is still unhappy about Jericho attacking him a few weeks ago off air after Jericho was eliminated from a US title Match; Jericho showed his frustration on Burke backstage. Steph refused Burke a Match last week and at No Mercy, Burke then accused Steph of being too involved with a certain Superstar, Steph still undecided on what to do then Rey Mysterio comes back to her office, Burke asks Rey to leave as he is having a private conversation. Steph then says Burke that only she has the right to remove people from her office and reminds him of her position. She then says that he will NOT get his match against Jericho Tonight as she already has plans for him and also has a Main Event being a US title Match, instead Burke will be in a Match against Rey Mysterio. Burke is furious with this decision and kicks the door open on his way out.

Event 5
Diva Tag Match

Beth and Cherry Vs Mickie James and Gail Kim

Event 6
Chris Jericho Vs The Miz

Event 7
Elijah Burke Vs Rey Mysterio

Event 8
Edge is backstage trying to speak to The Great Khali, Khali is scheduled to meet Umaga in The next Match, Edge tries to explain to Khali that if he seriously hurts Umaga he’ll make it worth is while. Khali does not understand what Edge is talking about and gives Edge The Khali Chop.

Event 9
The Great Khali Vs Umaga

Main Event
US title Match
Big Daddy V Vs Kane (c)

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WQ. What did you think to The Ending of Smackdown, who do you think will be fighting for The WWE Title at Cyber Sunday?

Sorry for The late post, don’t have a Internet connection at The moment. Can’t get online much at the moment. Will try to get everything posted still. Thanks for your time.
Do you have a Facebook Account? TWE will be hitting Facebook with its own account. The account has been set up and will soon be sorted out properly once I have regular Internet access. Account is set up with the Name Thurlow TWE if you wanna add me to your friends list, but soon I will create my own group for TWE so you can keep upto date with TWE’s rosters and results. Will also use the group for some WWE News as well when its sorted. So add me to your friends list and check me out in the future.

I was raised in the Church from an early age, and was into the typical youth group stuff all the way up through maybe high school, when I sorta lost interest in the whole thing.

Now that I’m off at college, with no parents to drag me to church on Sunday, I’ve pretty much stopped going – have been nearly gone from it for a few years.

Also, recent events are having an impact on me, and I’m finding that Christianity isn’t really compatible with my lifestyle at present.

I mean, I still identify as Christian (on forms, surveys and stuff), but don’t practice at all. My bible sits here on the shelf, unread for a long time.

It’s just that living the life the bible commands would steer me down a path that I really don’t want to go down right now – I’m not interested in marriage, family and a nice calm life at the moment.

I’m in my 20s and plan on living it up for a while here.
I know this sounds *very* selfish…but is there any hope for me if, at some point, I wanted to come back?
I’m also somewhat discontented with all the church-hopping I did as a child – my mom never could make up her mind – we went from Episcopal, to foursquare, to Baptist…etc. And now she’s some kind of reformed baptist or something.

I’m sick of the politics and labels, personally. Perhaps that’s one reason I’m staying away?

Jesus Coming Back in Our Lifetime?

I am a Christian. However, I also love logical thinking.

If you are a Christian and a serious student of Bible prophecy, then you are familiar with most verses that talk about end time events, esepcially the return of Jesus to this Earth.

Now, let us think for one minute.

Jesus Himself said that ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS the EXACT day and hour of the return of Jesus. Jesus Himself, the Holy Spirit and the angels have no clue.

It is fair to say that we (our generation) may NOT BE ALIVE when Jesus returns to Earth again?

Your view?

Welcome back to TWE Re-Born. Last week it was announced that Re-Born will hold a 6 Man Hell In a Cell Match at No Way Out in which the winner will receive a TWE Title Shot at WrestleMania. The Undertaker made his Re-Born Debut beating Matt Hardy and quallyfied for The Match as did Chris Jericho by beating Tommy Dreamer and Jeff Hardy beat Paul Burchill to book his place. RVD overcame the odds by beating Big Daddy V for his spot in The Hell In a Cell Match. Also last week Gregory Helms beat Lance Cade and Mickie James defended her Women’s Title agianst Gail Kim with the help from JUSTICE members Chuck Palumbo and The Miz. Also announced last week was that Triple H will face Umaga and Kane Vs Christian in Hell In a Cell Quallifying Matches. We also found out that HBK will defend his TWE Title against AJ Styles at No Way Out.

Announcement Chuck Palumbo and Paul Burchill will defend their Tag Team Title’s tonight against Mystery Opponents, which are still yet to be revealed

Event 1

Diva’s Tag Match

Maria and Cherry Vs Mickie James and Layla

Event 2

Last week The Brian Kendrick beat Cruiserweight Champion Evan Bourne and has earned himself a Cruiserweight Title Match at No Way Out, tonight they will face each other again, but in Tag Team action.

The Brian Kendrick and Chavo Vs Evan Bourne and Gregory Helms

Event 3

GM Sting is in his office with The undertaker, he tells The Undertaker that he made the right choice by accepting his trade from Revenge to Re-Born. He says that he had already dominated Revenge and is now suited for Re-Born. Taker asks why Sting wanted him here. Sting says that this is his way of thanking him for giving him The Greatest Match of his life. Sting faced The Undertaker at Survivour Series which was Sting’s final Match before retiring, for giving him that match he wants to pay Taker back by giving him the opportunity to win back The TWE Title at WrestleMania. Taker shows his respect by giving Sting a handshake, as he walks away Sting says that he’s gonna have to get his Bike ready as he will be facing RVD tonight. Taker laughs and says thats perfect and that he wanted to get his hands on JUSTICE.

Event 4

Hell In a Cell Quallifying Match

Kane Vs Christian

Event 5

Tag Team Championship Match

Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo (c) with RVD and The Miz ringside
they are in the ring awaiting their opponents, GM Sting comes to the ramp and says he will now introduce their opponents, they are 2 Hardcore legends making a one off appearance in a TWE ring, Mick Foley and Terry Funk.

Chuck and Burchill(c) Vs Terry Funk and Mick Foley

As soon as the match finishes The Undertaker comes down the ramp on his Bike ready for his Match against RVD

Event 6

RVD Vs The Undertaker

The rest of JUSTICE are still ringside, Foley and Funk take a seat with The Announcers.

Event 7

AJ Styles is backstage and his confronted by Chris Jericho, Jericho is furious at the way AJ got his Title shot, he is not happy that he has to go through a Brutal Hell In a Cell Match to earn his shot and all AJ did was suck up to TWE Champion Shawn Micheals and kiss his way to a Title Shot. He says that he knew AJ only had HBK’s back to get a Title Shot for himself and does not deserve it. AJ says he never asked for it, HBK offered it. Jericho not happy with this answer and says that it was just part of his plan. He then says tat he hopes AJ wins the Title because after he wins Hell In a Cell he wants to show AJ how a True Champion earns a Title Shot. AJ asks him to show him now, he offers Jericho a No Holds Barreds Match right now. Jericho says he’ll see him in the ring.

Event 8

No Holds Barred Match

Chris Jericho Vs AJ Styles

Half way thorugh The Match TWE Champion walks down the ramp and follows the action ringside

Event 9

Rey Mysterio comes to Stings Office, he wants forgiveness for what he has done recently turning his back on Re-Born and former GM Stephanie McMahon. He says that it was Shane McMahon’s mind games that git him to side with Revenge and does not like the fact that now everywhere he goes he is called a Traitor whether it is from another Superstar or a Fan. Sting understands where he is coming from and gives him a second chance to prove himself on Re-Born. He says that he has noticed he has had a few problems from JUSTICE recently and that is one thing they hav in common, so next week on Re-Born Rey Mysterio will face JUSTICE member The Miz one on one.

Main Event

Hell In a Cell Quallifying Match

Triple H Vs Umaga

Thankyou for viewing TWE, please vote for who you think should win each match and give the show a Rating.

WQ. Do you think either of The Title’s will change hands at No Way Out in The Chamber Matches?

Can’t We All Just Be Happy Christian’s Back?

Instead of whining about him being on ECW. can’t we just be happy he’s back?? i like it, 1. i wouldn’t have ever expected him to return on ECW, 2. if he’s returned on smackdown spoilers would have been all over the place, ECW was live tonight. i think there being smart when chris jericho returned they immediately pushed him into the main event with wwe champion Randy Orton. but with christian there taking it slow which is good they pushed Y2J so hard during his return that his crowd responses started to die off slightly and he got stuck in the mid-card with the intercontinental championship. so with Christian there not hyping it to much there taking it nice and easy which is good, I’m sure he’ll be in the wwe championship picture real soon and i know he’s got bigger plans for him on smackdown in the Matt Vs Jeff feud. but i honestly think they planned his return perfectly, none of us expected him to return to ECW of all places and that made it a total shocker, there starting slow and gradually moving him into the main event.

Welcome back to TWE Re-Born, last week on Re-Born we had a dramatic change in events where we had to crown a New TWE Champion. Just 2 weeks ago The Undertaker won The TWE Title from HBK at WrestleMania, but last week RVD cashed in his MITB Contract after him and the rest of JUSTICE beat down the Undertaker and then became The New TWE Champion.

Event 1

Once again JUSTICE are kicking off Re-Born as they march down the Ramp showing off they’re collection of TWE Gold. The Miz grabs a Mic in the ring and demands everyone now show more respect to JUSTICE and JUSTICE leader Rob Van Dam as they have now completed they’re objectives and collected all The Title’s on Re-Born and have taken over and are now the most Dominant Force in TWE. GM Sting comes out from the back and starts to threaten JUSTICE that they’re days are numbered and at Backlash Revenge will be had. RVD butts in and says that he keeps blabbing on about Backlash, but is still yet to say what will be happening, Sting says that it will be a Suprise for them, but a Suprise that they wont like, he recomends that they hand back all The Title’s they have just to spare themselves the pain they will go through at Backlash. RVD laughs and says common Old Timer why wont you come down here and take it, Sting says and does nothing then RVD says ‘thought so, you not got the nerve to come face to face with me’ Sting responds with laughter claiming its funny he should say that. He says that tonight 2 people are coming out of retirement to face JUSTICE along with The Undertaker who is pretty PO’d right now. Sting then says that tonights Main Event will be a 6 Man Tag Match where JUSTICE will face The Undertaker, Re-Born GM himself Sting will be coming out of retirement for one night as will Revenge GM Triple H. Brian Kendrick and The Miz look at each other in fear whilst RVD tells Sting to bring it on.

Event 2

Last week on Re-Born GM Sting said he would be looking at people to impress him to consider them for a Title Match at Backlash. Due to recent events this looks to not be happening, but they will be in action agin tonight as Sting still has plans for them.

HBK Vs Christian

Event 3

After having a thrilling Match last week on Re-Born Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles have both requested to face each other again, last week Jeff Hardy got the win.

AJ Styles Vs Jeff Hardy
Before The Match begns they both show mutal respect to each other with a Handshake

EVent 4

Revenge GM Triple H is in Sting’s office. Triple H tells Sting that he’s been looking foward to gtting back in the ring and its gonna be a great experience tagging alongside The Icon Sting. Sting thanks Triple H for agreeing to this, but warns him that The Undertakers Wrath could be felt tonight and begs that he does not get in his way and they are just there to back up The Undertaker. H says he does not have a problem with that, but still wants to get his hands on RVD.

Event 5

Diva’s Battle Royal

Beth Vs Layla Vs Cherry Vs Gail Kim

Event 6

Edge Vs Chris Jericho

Event 7

JUSTICE are backstage RVD warns them to be careful tonight as people are going to gunning for them and they need to make sure they are prepared for anything and need to ensure wepons are handy as this will get Extreme tonight. Kane is walking by in the background laughing and says ‘do you really think it will be that easy?’

Event 8

Matt Hardy Vs D’Lo Brown
Before the Match begins Matt grabs the mic and says that Kane should watch close as this is the closest he will get to him at Backlash when he claims he will pick Kane apart in they’re Extreme Rules Match.

Main Event
6 Man Tag Match

JUSTICE (RVD, The Miz and Brian Kendrick) Vs Sting, Triple H and The Undertaker

Before the Match begins Sting says that he has one more final thing to say about this Match, he then sends Send them out. The rest of The Re-Born roster comes out to surround the ring to ensure JUSTICE dont try to make any attempt of a quick escape. The Superstars include Umaga, Christian, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley and Former JUSTICE members Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo.

Thankyou for viewing what will be TWE Re-Born’s Final Show. Please vote for who you think should win and give the SHow a Rating and be sure to check out TWE’s Backlash this weekend.

WQ. With there being many rumours of Rey Mysterio, Batista, Kane, HBK and The Undertaker all planning on retiring soon, which would you be most sad to see go and think will be missed the most in WWE when they do go?