Christians:Are there any sectors who worshipped Mary as a God?if yes,when?

There’s an argument that eternal punishING in (and possibly the eternal punishMENT of) hell is a gross mistranslation of the original NT bible, which was all written in GREEK.

This is because the English words “forever and ever”/”eternal” are translated from the Greek words “olam,” “aion,” and “aionios”. Some linguists & Christian Universalists argue this original Greek term means “ages” or “ages of ages”- in other words, a finite/non-eternal period of time. If so, the punishing in hell the English call “forever and ever” is a mistranslation.

But this is all studied by English speakers who don’t speak Greek.

SO WHAT DO THE GREEKS TEACH ABOUT ETERNAL PUNISHING IN HELL? Surely Greeks & the Greek Orthodox church should know the true meaning of this word, because it’s THEIR language.

(Please, no commments saying “hell’s real & forever” from your King James bible. It even mistranslates the elementary Hebrew word ‘sheol’ (grave, pit) to ‘hell’, so I have no trust in it)

Everybody I know who speaks English as their 1st language thinks it would be an abomination to name their kid Jesus, but Spanish speakers use the name Jesus all the time. Is this name from a different source and only looks the same as the Christian savior, or do they not see it in the same light?

because many Bibles contain different interpretantion or translation of the psalms and I am using a hebrew Bible but I should if I should pray the Jewish version of the Bible or a christian version of the Bible in my language in order to tell the psalms?

Can someone revise my English paper?

We do peer editing in class but the person who corrected my paper made absolutely NO changes, which actually frustrates me because I know my paper is not perfect. I need input and new ideas. My essay is about how a one self sufficient unit is a community. I chose the Catholic Church. Please & Thank you.

Inside the Catholic Church functions a small community constituted by people of different backgrounds who share the same belief. To many, it is a sacred place where masses and religious events are celebrated. Individuals who create this community follow and serve only one person, and that person is God.

The community of the church comprises of the priests, communion ministers, reading ministers, altar servers, the choir, and the parishioners. These titles can be seen as small jobs that people can do for the church. At the top of the ladder are the priests, who primarily perform the ceremony of the mass. The altar servers aid the priest by giving him necessary items at specific times while the communion ministers help distribute the “bread” to the parishioners. Reading ministers read passages from the bible known as the first and second reading. The priest himself reads the gospel and then delivers a homily. During the homily the priest describes the meaning of the passage to the audience. When one embodies a position certain guidelines are to be met.

Education and guidance also take place in the church. Various organizations are formed to assist parishioners with specific problems. Some examples include the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes better known as CCD classes and the Couples for Christ groups. CCD is the basic teachings of the Catholic Church. These classes are taught to young students to learn the basic roots of their faith before being confirmed as part of the church. Couples for Christ is designated for married couples who have a family. This program teaches parents how to develop a strong Christian family and how to instill religious values in their children. These organizations show that the church is a very open community.

Fundraisers and events are hosted by volunteers who wish to spread the catholic view. Through this not only are they attracting newcomers but are also raising money for good causes. Most of the funds collected in church pay for the facilities while the money accumulated from fundraisers are used for good causes such as helping sick priests, celebrating a priest’s anniversary, and most importantly saving up for the World Youth Day held at diverse locations each year for Catholics all over the world to gather together.

It is not the buildings, the pews, the statues, not even the offerings or the preaching that establish the church. What makes up the church are the parishioners who keep the faith and spirit alive. They are a strong force that serve God and spread his beliefs to others. Without them there would be no church in the first place. The Catholic Church is an open-minded community where individuals can freely choose what they want to do. However people undermine what it means to be a catholic and often stray away from the church. Fortunately the church does not discriminate or judge and will whole heartedly accept a person into the community once again.

Being a chinese christian who also have to read English bible, I am confused with different versions.
I Need your kind help to tell me which one is the most pop! Is the NIV OR KJV or new revised standard version?