Should I tell my family I’m not a Christian?

I recently turned 15 and have been going through a few things with my family. The most affecting thing being my mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago. Well, she had what was the most dire surgery about 6 weeks ago. She’s going into another one that’s minor in November and is expected to recover soon after that. Anyway, she’s an extremely devoted Christian along with my family. It comes up what seems like everyday, whether it’s just a ‘God is great’ type comment, it’s mentioned in some form. Though I wouldn’t classify my mom as this extreme, judgmental Christian as she’s accepting of things like people of different orientations, I know that she wouldn’t be happy or understand if I told her I’m not a Christian. My dad on the other hand isn’t someone I see regularly and when I do religion’s never discussed so that’s not an issue. My family on the other hand is pretty much the same as my mom. Even a couple of days ago my aunt took me to a Beth Moore sermon (she’s apparently seen as this empowering Christian speaker). I think the reason for this is I had talked to my cousin, her daughter, a few days before that and when religion was mentioned, I said that was ‘more of my mom’s thing’. So I guess that was her way of trying to get me more into Christianity. It’s not that I’m completely against Christianity, I just don’t want to be a part of it; I’m tired of having to agree with what they believe. But my mom’s been stressed lately and seeing her go through that has stressed me out too and I don’t want to disappoint her with this, worrying her even more. Then again, I’m not sure how many more sermons I can attend and act like I’m happy about it. Should I put up with Christianity for the time being or tell them?

Will I ruin the family cookout?

My extended family gets together semiannually. I missed the earlier event, but I’m planning to attend the Labor Day cookout. They are meat-eating, Christian, Americans of African descent. I’m a godless heathen. I’m afraid that my vegetarian Caucasian companion will be blamed for my blasphemous nature. And there won’t be any vegetable dishes. I’m a sellout! I’m an Oreo! I’m an Uncle Tom! Maybe I should consider not going at all.

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There are several types of cruises, depending on the activities which are offered by the ship. Some cruises are meant for parties, which are held privately by important people. On the other hand, there are some cruises which sail off to islands and other exotic locations. There are also some cruises which are educational in nature and cater to students who are out on educational trips. Recently, there is a new type of cruise. This one prepares activities which are centered on the words and teachings of Christ. This type of trip is known as a Christian cruise, wherein all of the passengers are Christians. Christian cruises are contracted mainly for affairs or events which are held by Christian organizations. You can choose to travel with your whole family, wherein there will be activities for you and your kids. If you are not yet married, you can join Christian singles cruises.

A Christian family cruise can be centered on a specific theme. It may be centered on bible studies, wherein the activities will be about the teachings of Christ. There are times when the cruise concentrates on the lecturer or the speaker of the event. If you are joining a cruise together with a preacher, you might want to know more about this person before you sign up for the trip. Joining a Christian cruise can be very fun for the entire family. This is a great chance for you and your children to strengthen your faith in God and your bond with each other. You will get to meet other Christians your age. Your kids will get to interact with other children who are brought up the same way they are. This type adventure is guaranteed wholesome since the activities are based on Christian belief and teachings.

If you are thinking of spending the summer on a Mediterranean cruise, why not travel with Living Passages. This is a Christian group which collaborates with other non-profitable organizations, media companies, and organizers of affairs or conferences. Living Passages already has planned a cruise for the summer, and it will be sailing Paul’s Mediterranean on board a luxury tall-sail ship. Your entire family, together with other Christian passengers, will be provided with amenities and activities which are typical of a real sailing adventure on a private ship. Your group will also get to enjoy private family tour and teachings which are centered on Christianity. Even if you are boarding a luxurious 5-star ship, you have no need to dress in formal clothes. You can dress in your most casual outfit since the atmosphere of the event is relaxed and comfortable.

Through this Greek Island cruise, you will be sailing to Athens; followed by Mars Hill. The next stop would be Pergamum, which is a sight of 7 important churches. You will also get to check out Ephesus, the place where Paul conveyed a moving sermon. Then you will visit Patmos to view the cave wherein John has been sent away. One of the places that you will go to is Delos Island; where you will witness the “Throne of Moses”. If you want to extend your cruise, you can join a trip to Malta where the anchors of Paul have been discovered. This adventure is not entirely about Bible teachings and studies. You will also get to enjoy the beaches of the Mediterranean.

If you are thinking of spending the summer on a Mediterranean cruise , why not travel with Living Passages. A Christian family cruise can be centered on a specific theme.

Depending on the theme of the cruise, there are various kinds of cruises. If you want to travel with your partner, you can join a honeymoon cruise. On the other hand, you can book a holiday cruise if you want to spend the summer in an exotic location. This is similar to island cruises which provide you a tour of beautiful island destinations. There are some schools which allow their students to take an educational cruise through historical locations. However, there is an uplifting kind of cruise wherein you will have the chance to strengthen your belief in God. Known as a Christian cruise, you will be able to take part of activities which revolve around the teachings and the words of Christ. This type of cruise trip is mainly licensed for events that are being held by religious or Christian groups. Christian cruises cater to singles, married individuals, seniors, families, and retreat groups.

Among all the forms of religious cruises, the Christian family cruise is perhaps the best. This is due to the fact that you will be able to enjoy learning more about your religion together with your spouse and your children. This is an affair for the family which will definitely be most memorable and fruitful. Most of the times, a Christian cruise is led by a preacher or a speaker. They are the ones who initiate the teachings and the seminars being held. When you take part of a cruise for the whole family, you are not only redefining your belief in your religion. You are also strengthening your relationship with the entire members of your family. What is more, you are providing your children the opportunity to discover the wonders of Christ’s teachings. Through the activities of this kind of cruise, you will be able to enjoy fully without worrying about things that might corrupt the mind of your kids.

When you are planning a summer outing with your family, opt for the Mediterranean cruise of Living Passages. This Christian organization cooperates with other groups which are non-profitable. It also teams up with religious event organizers and media groups. If you are interested in sailing the Mediterranean, join Living Passages for the summer. It will hold its Footsteps to Paul cruise, on board a grand private ship. Your group will be offered with activities that nourish the soul. On the other hand, the amenities are distinctive of private yachts. This means that you will get to enjoy luxury service. The whole trip will tour you around places where important events in the Bible have happened.

Since you will be joining a Greek Island cruise, you will be sailing to locations within the Mediterranean. Your first destination will be Athens. Then you will sail to Mars Hill, and then to Pergamum. The latter holds seven important churches. Your cruise will also visit Ephesus. This is the location where Paul has given his touching sermon. After Ephesus, you will go to Patmos; wherein the exile cave of John is found. You will also have the chance to check out the “Throne of Moses”, which is located at Delos Island. If you want to participate in the cruise’ Malta celebration, you can extend your trip.

Known as a Christian cruise , you will be able to take part of activities which revolve around the teachings and the words of Christ. Among all the forms of religious cruises, the Christian family cruise is perhaps the best.

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