Sorry to Christians, however, amidst a lack of proof of God, ministers who only want money, judgmental congregations, ad fake happiness. I wanted to comment on a subject that bugs me horribly. Now, looking and questioning my religion that affected me for the first 30 years of my life, I see I am no better off than others. I see people brain-washed and mesmerized by influential speakers. I see people spurting out quotes written by “men” (not God) in a book not in touch with our times. I see fictional tales to teach weak-minded people morality. I see good men change their own lives for the better and instead of patting himself on the back, he thanks God. God, in my mind, seems to be what people would psychologically call a portion of themselves that wants better and improvement. I feel God is just a way to access strength (psychologically)when some may perceive they don’t have any. By the way, I also have a problem seeing others give to a church who has money for their bills when these same people can’t make their own bills. Lastly, I’m tired of ignorant people (close-minded, uneducated) telling me about the invisible man, and how he died for my sins, and how he watches when I do something wrong, and telling me how to live. It’s like getting investment advice from a homeless person.

I’m wondering if anyone else has been converted to think for themselves and take a stand against old world thought. I have watched myself, through the years, go through denial and fear over my thoughts and questions, to dabble in other philosophies, to standing outside the Christian groups and seeing how naive a lot of this scripture-quoting sounds. Anyone like to add their two cents? I am curious to hear from other converts, and maybe some love. Christians, by all means, bash away, that’s what Jesus would do, right?

I have been looking into colleges but am unsure still of where I want to go. I got a really good feeling about Alabama and am becoming more interested as I get more information. I am worried, however, that it might be extremely clashing with my personality based on the stereotypes.

I am from the north (Ohio), am fairly liberal, not Christian (but not an atheist), with zero tolerance for social injustice. I am afraid that Alabama is a hardcore conservative Catholic/Christian school where racism is extremely prevalent with no social events.

I am visiting it in the spring and am hoping for some insight from either students, alumni, or those with general information. Thanks =)
I’m a vegetarian.

He was at long beach community college and this guy walked behind him and punched him and knocked him out. Then his friend came over and stomped on his head at least 15 times and the guy didn’t get up until the ambulance came. Did he deserve this? I think so

is anybody going to CHIC 2006?

CHIC is a BIG christian event 4 high school students (that happens every 3 years) and it’s being held in knoxville tennesse. our bus is leaving saturday night and wont be there until sunday afternoon. i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it or is going?

leaving Miami, FL, stopping in Key West, FL and Calica, Mexico

An armed Christian organization,the ” Right Wing Extreme”, will protect a church that is planning to host an “International Burn a Quran Day” on the ninth anniversary of September 11, the church’s pastor said on Tuesday.

The Dove World Outreach Center, in Gainesville, Florida, says it is hosting the event to remember 9/11 victims and to take a stand against Islam. With promotions on its website and Facebook page, the nondenominational church invites Christians to burn the Muslim holy book.

Right Wing Extreme, which offered to go to the church with between 500 and 2,000 men on September 11.The organization is described as an armed civilian militia group.

I’m all for 1st amendment rights, but this sound like a train wreck. So who’s going and how much are tickets?