freedom? I use to go to tea parties, people were really nice, they talked about Mises and the Austrian school alot. Up until about a year ago it was really quite nice. Now it’s a bunch of rednecks spewing anti obama propaganda and holding signs comparing Obama to hitler. What happened? They also have republican speakers there, it used to be all ron paul supporters. And just about everytime they say a prayer. They assume everybody is christian…

Why did it change?

Why don’t Christians fundies just admit that they are not mad about President Obama not publically recognizing the National Day of Prayer? They are upset because he is pro secular and refuses to be their mouth piece in the White House. The only way you would have been happy today is if he had lead a strictly Christian prayer and had Christian only speakers at the White House. Why don’t Christian fundies admit that they are upset because their days of tyranny are coming to an end? Note this post is just for the Christian fundamentalist out there. My thanks and admiration goes out to all the open minded Christians.
All right people get your panties out of a bunch. I see nothing wrong w/ a national day of prayer. However Christianity is not the only religion in this country. I think that if it’s going to be recognized by the government then speakers from all faiths should be invited to the White House to Speak and Pray. Not just the Christians. President Obama should not be critized because he chooses to pray in private.
Can any fundies honestly tell me that if President Obama prayed to any deity other than the Christian one they would not be upset? Remember lying is a sin in your religion.

Can’t We All Just Be Happy Christian’s Back?

Instead of whining about him being on ECW. can’t we just be happy he’s back?? i like it, 1. i wouldn’t have ever expected him to return on ECW, 2. if he’s returned on smackdown spoilers would have been all over the place, ECW was live tonight. i think there being smart when chris jericho returned they immediately pushed him into the main event with wwe champion Randy Orton. but with christian there taking it slow which is good they pushed Y2J so hard during his return that his crowd responses started to die off slightly and he got stuck in the mid-card with the intercontinental championship. so with Christian there not hyping it to much there taking it nice and easy which is good, I’m sure he’ll be in the wwe championship picture real soon and i know he’s got bigger plans for him on smackdown in the Matt Vs Jeff feud. but i honestly think they planned his return perfectly, none of us expected him to return to ECW of all places and that made it a total shocker, there starting slow and gradually moving him into the main event.

Maybe it’s good or maybe it is bad. I don’t really know. I’ve been wondering about it lately. Even the ones that seem to be in a church, (as opposed to a stadium or somewhere that they have moved their own background onto) seem to be very plain. Mostly stairs, a choir area, plain walls and then flower arrangements. Or Joel Osteen’s stage with the big metal earth turning, then the rest is plain. Any ideas why?
Live well and do good.

why the christian monopoly ? we always see many speakers speaking on god, bible and stories about god’s mercy(i doubt they are true)..why not atheist shows , speaker shows who speaks what they want to ?

While I was watching the Inauguration of President Obama I noticed that while they had Christian speakers they didn’t have any other representatives from the other major religions that compose our country and it got me thinking.
So, your opinions on the whole thing?
Accidently in love: How can you say it was built on Christianity? It wasn’t! The people who founded our country were not just Christian, many were Agnostic. Just because some ideas influenced the founding doesn’t mean we were built on it. AND if you want to say that, Christianity was influenced by so many other older beliefs.
websparrow2000: I do know that they swore on that, but seeing as we have yet to have any president that would be open about another religion other than Christianity it doesn’t bother me. What would bother me would be if a Hindu was elected and they made him swear on that.