i have to do this project but i don’t understand what it means. IM NOT ASKING YOU TO DO IT FOR ME, please don’t get that idea, i just need someone to explain it in better terms. this is what it says:

The purpose of the project is to understand the function of the novel, Things Fall Apart, as a proverb to clarify and explain the historical events of European colonization of Africa at the end of the 19th century. The objective of this project is to define proverb and to perceive the novel as an example of such. In addition, the student will gain knowledge in the efforts of Europeans to establish Africa as a dependent, Christian colony and will understand the novel as documentation of and insight to the effects of these efforts on African culture and beliefs.

now im supposed to explain how all of that effected the Igbo tribe, but how am i supposed to write about how it effected the tribe when i don’t even know what “IT” is! someone help?

I need someone to help me organize a schedule.?

I need a schedule really bad I am the worst organized person in the world here are my weekly events that will interfere:
Thursdays 5:30-6:15 I have piano lessons
Tuesdays 5:30-8pm i have a christian bible club
some wednesdays i have student council at 7:30 so put the optional wednesday choices in there
School Monday-Friday 8:30am-4pm
School days I ride the bus I must be ready to leave at 7:10am
It takes me about 1 hour to do my makeup and get my clothes on for school
I need to fit my showers in and the last at least 1 hour(I like to be clean) so add that in I need to take one every day
and add in an hour for homework time
and another hour for my daily workout
another hour for practicing piano(not a part of the lessons)
take at least 15 minutes for me to get from place to place
try to make it a weekly schedule if you have to email it to me comment my question and email me at star2be1123896@yahoo.com and tell me what your answers screen name is. Thanks this will help sooo much!

Christians want ONLY their nativity scenes and 10 commandments placed for ALL to see on public property. They want ONLY their religion to be forced upon ALL American children in public schools. They want ONLY prayer to the christian god to be allowed at High School Sports events, they also want exclusive rights for student validictorians to give christian laced speeches at graduation ceremonies.

Public : 6 a : accessible to or shared by all members of the community.

Do you understand this definition of public? Do you understand what ALL MEMBERS means? Do you understand that Atheists, Muslims, Homosexuals, and many other non-christian types are equal members of the community? Do you understand why the public sphere is neutral when it comes to representing differing beliefs?

If you understand all of that…why oh why do you persist in wanting EXCLUSIVE rights to showcase your god in the public sphere? And why, when denied those exclusive rights, do you scream PERSECUTION? Why are most all christians self-righteous hypocrites in this regard?

Why is it that christians cannot be happy with thousands of christian churches, millions of christians homes and 99.9% of all politicians/lawmakers being Christian? It seems if you cannot have the entire pie then that contitutes persecution in your minds…correct?

Most all of you will claim to be tolerant people…but you will not tolerate an atheist statement set up next to a nativity scene on a courthouse lawn…you will not tolerate a muslim prayer or an atheist statement to follow a christian prayer at a High School football game…you will not tolerate the idea that if christians want christianity taught in public schools then atheism and Islam should be taught as well.

That is intolerance, and in many instances it is outright hostility towards allowing anything other than Christianity into the public sphere.

The US Constitution, AKA, Man’s Law of the Land does not grant christians exclusive rights to the public sphere….so why are you all so persistent in wanting to exclude differing beliefs, why are you all so persistent in wanting exclusive rights to display christianity in the public sphere?
LOL…you know a question has hit a raw nerve and is quite factual when NO christians will dare to answer…thanks to the moral non-christians for their truthful answers.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over seven months. He’s a really nice and understanding guy who respects and cares for me. Our relationship is, let’s say, pretty good.
The only thing is that I’m a Christian, and he is an atheist. Don’t ask me why am I going out with him. I already thought about that myself. It just happened that I didn’t know he was an atheist before I told him that yeah I wanted to be his girlfriend. We are both pretty new to this boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. He even goes to church and attends church related events with me. I don’t plan to force him to become a Christian, but I would love for him to do so.
Once I found out he was an atheist, I didn’t do much but continued with the relationship. Honestly I love this guy, and I’m afraid that if we continue with our relationship it would be harder to break out. I’m not sure what to do because I know that our long term relationship is not going to work the way I always dream of. I’m not going to give up my faith. I love the LORD.
I don’t know how much my boyfriend will understand me, and even though we have talked about this issue, he thinks we can overcome this difference. I need your opinion, comments, advice on what should I do. Should I continue with this relationship or should I stop it before it gets too far? Have you have any experience like this? Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your sincere comments.

i am helping plan a high school girls retreat at my (non-denominational christian) church. our theme is “free”, the theme verse being john 8:32 (and then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free). I need a big, fun event relevant to high school girls and to the freedom theme. please keep in mind that i only have about $1500 in the budget.

all help appreciated!!

I need help with new high school events?!?

My Christian high school wants students to come up with events that will help raise money, help students, etc. I’ve though of a fundraiser but I need more.
Do you have any school events that have helped your high school years lively or fun?

Thanks for any input that will help!!!