Sorry to Christians, however, amidst a lack of proof of God, ministers who only want money, judgmental congregations, ad fake happiness. I wanted to comment on a subject that bugs me horribly. Now, looking and questioning my religion that affected me for the first 30 years of my life, I see I am no better off than others. I see people brain-washed and mesmerized by influential speakers. I see people spurting out quotes written by “men” (not God) in a book not in touch with our times. I see fictional tales to teach weak-minded people morality. I see good men change their own lives for the better and instead of patting himself on the back, he thanks God. God, in my mind, seems to be what people would psychologically call a portion of themselves that wants better and improvement. I feel God is just a way to access strength (psychologically)when some may perceive they don’t have any. By the way, I also have a problem seeing others give to a church who has money for their bills when these same people can’t make their own bills. Lastly, I’m tired of ignorant people (close-minded, uneducated) telling me about the invisible man, and how he died for my sins, and how he watches when I do something wrong, and telling me how to live. It’s like getting investment advice from a homeless person.

I’m wondering if anyone else has been converted to think for themselves and take a stand against old world thought. I have watched myself, through the years, go through denial and fear over my thoughts and questions, to dabble in other philosophies, to standing outside the Christian groups and seeing how naive a lot of this scripture-quoting sounds. Anyone like to add their two cents? I am curious to hear from other converts, and maybe some love. Christians, by all means, bash away, that’s what Jesus would do, right?

5: John Cena
#4: Christian
#3: Edge
#2: Chris Jericho
#1: The Rock

i have to do this project but i don’t understand what it means. IM NOT ASKING YOU TO DO IT FOR ME, please don’t get that idea, i just need someone to explain it in better terms. this is what it says:

The purpose of the project is to understand the function of the novel, Things Fall Apart, as a proverb to clarify and explain the historical events of European colonization of Africa at the end of the 19th century. The objective of this project is to define proverb and to perceive the novel as an example of such. In addition, the student will gain knowledge in the efforts of Europeans to establish Africa as a dependent, Christian colony and will understand the novel as documentation of and insight to the effects of these efforts on African culture and beliefs.

now im supposed to explain how all of that effected the Igbo tribe, but how am i supposed to write about how it effected the tribe when i don’t even know what “IT” is! someone help?

Please, some common sense in the end zone

Please, some common sense in the end zone
Before we get into what Tumwater running back Ronnie Hastie did in the Tacoma Dome last Monday after scoring a touchdown, let’s look at what he didn’t do.

Read more on Tacoma News Tribune

WRW Redemption premier episode welcome to the new era of Yahoo Answers wrestling brands may the future begin right now. Change is upon us.

Event 1

*WRW Chairman Will Matthews comes out with everybody cheering in the arena.*

Will Matthews: Welcome to the first EVER EPISODE OF WRW REDEMPTION.

*Crowd starts chanting WRW*

Will Matthews: Yes there may only be a crowd of 500 people but WRW will grow. You see tonight we are going to give you the biggest show ever with tonight being the first episode and all. I have planned a very good tag team match between Beer Money Incorporated vs Straight Edge Society for the WRW Tag Team championships. Also tonight I will speak about WRW why it is here and what impact it will make in this business but also tonight it’ll be Kurt Angle vs John Cena which will be a WRW Championship match to crown the first WRW champion now lets get on with the show.

*Crowd cheers like crazy*

Event 2

Beer Money Incorporated vs Straight Edge Society
Winner receives WRW Tag Team Championships

Event 3

Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles

Event 4

*Christian comes out and grabs the microphone to speak*

Christian: Since WRW has started tonight I’m thinking how about since there is a WRW Pride Championship, Will Matthews I would personally love a title match or better yet the title.

*Will Matthews comes out*

Will Matthews: Yes you will be in the match and that match will be next it’ll be Christian vs Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho for the title good luck.

Event 5

Christian vs Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho
Winner receives WRW Pride Championship

Event 6

Randy Orton vs Sting

After the match Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes come out and attack Randy Orton and Sting with punches left right and centre then Rhodes and Dibiase celebrate over there beaten and bruised bodies.

Event 7

Kurt Angle vs John Cena
Winner receives WRW Championship

After the match Desmond Wolfe comes out and shakes the winners hand.

Main Event

*Will Matthews comes out and starts to speak*

Will Matthews: I asked to have this time to speak about the future and plans for WRW and those plans are this. WRW is here to bring a change to fantasy shows. Shows like EWE and TWA are commercial who make either there shows full of promos or extreme matches to gain attention however this show will not be like that we will follow in the steps of the good old territory days when the titles meant something. Now the titles are just like plastic toys look at the TWA titles a title there is not that important since there is so many of them. I’m not being offensive, I’m being honest. But you all must be wondering why did we start our show on a Wednesday night? The reason is that we’re not going to be like those gruesome shows and try to kill a whole company at once we’re going to take our time one show at a time. So we’re competing with TWA Revenge now to be honest TWA is all about commercial stuff with there rivalries and promos it’s like watching a pathetic soap opera but TWA Revenge is our first target so whoever the general manager may be for now it’s Lochy McKenzie the owner of that show TWA and well Lochy, Revenge will be killed off just like TWA will but it’s going to be slow and painful. Thank you all for your time and watch next week as we are here again on Wednesday night.

The show ends with the crowds cheering and chanting WRW

Pick the winners and give us your thoughts please on the show?

WQ: Do you agree with the 90 day non compete cause that WWE supplies to all it’s employee’s if they quit or released?

College Help, Please. :)?

Hello there.
I am currently a first-semester senior at a small magnet school in the South. Perhaps someone could give me some insight as to how competitive I am regarding scholarship money within the TN State school system (i.e. UTK, MTSU, TTU, etc.), as well as competitiveness for other, more prestigious schools (such as Vanderbilt, Harvard, etc.) Here are a few ‘stats:’

ACT (30) (29)
English (35) (35)
Math (25) (26)
Reading (32) (26)
Science (28) (30)

SAT (1980)
M (540)
V (690)
W (750)

I am, without a doubt, retaking both of these tests in the near future, in hopes that I will score better.

3.93 GPA (unweighted) with challenging courses in high school (e.g. Honors, 3 AP Courses)

VERY involved in extracurriculars…here is a ‘copy’ of my resume:

Extracurricular Activities
Varsity Sports
·Cross country
oGirls’ Captain, State Qualifier, All-County, and Varsity Letter (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
oAll Mid-State Runner, 2nd place Regional Competition (2006)
·Basketball – Varsity Letters (2005, 2006)
·Track – Varsity Letter (Spring 2007), Upcoming participant (Spring 2009)
·Swimming – Participant (2007-08 Season)

School-Sponsored Clubs
·Student Council
oClass Vice-President (2005-2006, 2006-2007)
oClass President (2008-2009)
·Future Business Leaders of America
oMember (2007-2008) & Secretary (2008-2009)
oRegional Competition – 1st place Leadership and 2nd place Public Speaking
oState Competition – 6th place awards in Ethics, Public Speaking, and Human Resource Management
·National Honor Society Member (2007-2008, 2008-2009)
oVolunteer Tutor
·National Forensics League Member (2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2008-2009)
o4th Place Forensics District Tournament – Prose (2006-2007), 4th Place Portland Tournament – Storytelling (2008)
·Newspaper Staff (2005-2006)
·Latin Club (2005-2006)
·Homecoming Committee (2008-2009)

·Perfect Attendance – Freshman/Sophomore Years (2005-2007)
·“A” Honor Roll – Freshman/Sophomore/Junior Years (2005-2008)
·National Latin Exam – Honorary Award – Magna Cum Laude (Latin I & Latin II)
·National Spanish Exam – Honorable Mention – Spanish I
·Drama Award – Freshman/Sophomore Years (2005-2007)
·Selected as Girls’ State Alternate (2007-2008)
·“Socrates” Award – Voted on by teachers (2007-2008)
·West Point Summer Leaders Seminar – Law Department Award (Summer 2008)
·United States Air Force Academy Summer Seminar Participant (Summer 2008)
·2-time Country Music Half-Marathon Finisher
·Country Music Marathon Finisher (Pending April 2009)

Community Activities
·Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church (OLOL) Church Youth Group (2005-Present)
·OLOL Parish Council – Youth Representative (2007-Present)
·OLOL Masses – Reader & Eucharistic Minister (2007-Present)
·SEARCH for Christian Maturity – Retreat for high school juniors & seniors (Oct. 2007)
·Diocese of Nashville Catholic Youth Council – Elected Representative [Northern Region] (2008-Present)
·Teen Court – Lawyer and Juror (2007-Present)
·Youth Leadership Workshop (July 2008)
·OLOL Youth Leader Core Team (2008-2009)
·OLOL Religious Education Teacher – 5th grade (2008-2009)
·“Teens with Christ” Retreat – Leader (September 2008)

Volunteer Activities
·Think Pink! for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation – Chief Organizer of Fashion Show to raise money (2006)
·Vacation Bible School Volunteer (Summer 2005, Summer 2006)
·“Rock for Relief” Tornado Benefit Concert – One of head organizers for concert after tornado devastated homes in surrounding area; event sponsored by Student Council (2006)
·“Urban Plunge” – 24 hours of Community Service (April 2008)
·Relay for Life (2008)
·Catholic Heart Work Camp – 5-day Mission Trip with OLOL Church Youth Group (Summer 2008)

Work Experience
·Tutoring – Dena McCarthy/Tracee Beach (2007-Present)
·Lifeguard/Swim Instructor – YMCA of Middle Tennessee (May 2007-October 2008)

Alright, then…

What do you think?
I am certainly extremely confused about college right now – it basically has taken up the entire capacity of my brain for the past few months, and it likely will do the same until May 1, when at last a decision is made.

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you!

They are an overly conservative school, so dancing of any form is INCREDIBLY hard for the administration to accept (including line dancing). As a school club, we want to have a fund raising dance so we can earn more money, but this event would not be complete without the main attraction: dancing. The students in our school are incredibly conservative as well–the most inappropriate dancing that involves contact would be ballroom dancing. We hope they would allow us to have a DJ and play modern music to dance to though. Any arguments to convince them to allow us to dance? It would be great if I can get some bible references; just plain logic is fine too.

I’m not a Christian. One of students that I tutor, has this assignment for her religious class( In some places it’s regular part of public school curriculum:-)

I don’t know what to tell her and the websites just quote from the bible. I don’t want the quotes but the actual experience and the important events that took place during that time, to jesus, his followers and people in general. Also how those events and teachings affected the formation of the christian faith.

Hes not a christian.. please please help!?

I met this guy at a church event that one of my friends took him to. We both play music and right away we found each other and started to talk a lot. We have like EVERYTHING in common. We both want to major in music.. Hes a really good student at the high school he goes to. Has never had a girlfriend but he very attractive and could have easily gotten one. Doesn’t curse. or do drugs.

But hes never been to a church service in his life!! I am only allowed to date christians. He doesn’t know God. He said he wants to come to church to see me but that shouldn’t only be the reason. I think I like him but I can’t because of this problem. What do I do? help me ? I’m 16 =)

EYAF Onslaught Week 19

The last post got deleted so please repost your votes here.

This is my first Onslaught back in charge, and I intend to make it a good one.

While Blue Voodoo King was in charge we saw a lot of change in EYAF, William “The Prince” Almighty was fired as gm of Onslaught and just after Sudden Impact we had a draft. Onslaught has gained four new superstars, Adam Moon, Beast King, Blue Voodoo king and Straight edge punk. Redemption has gained Suicide, Christian Y2Jericho, Barry the Badger and Grimjob.
So first on our list is to appoint a new GM of Onslaught, and we have one… Your new GM is Ryan!!

Event 1: Contract signing between the Hardcore Champion Shaun Cold and the new No.1 contender Briar Extreme.
The new GM is there to witness the contract signing; the two superstars sign the contract without taking their eyes off their opponent. Shaun Cold speaks first with the rest of the Alliance standing around him. He says that just because Briar won a match at Sudden Impact he thinks he is good enough to beat him, Briar replies by saying that he has always been better than Shaun Cold and winning the briefcase at Sudden Impact was just a bonus. Shaun then says that he is the leader of the most dominant stable in EYAF history; he stands up and points to each member of his stable separately. First is KJ Styles, Shaun introduces her as the greatest diva ever and the reigning current divas champ and of course his wife. Next up is Brett Dibiase; Shaun introduces him as the future of EYAF and the future world champion. Then there is Lil Rey Rey, Shaun says that although he may be on a losing streak at the minute he will get better and he WILL win back his IC title. Shaun says that as long as these great superstars are backing him up he will always hold the hardcore gold! Briar squares up to The Alliance and says that he doesn’t need a stable to back him up in order to win the title.

Video package hyping tonight’s main event, EYAF World Champion Mike Adams defending his title against the winner of the EYAF world title briefcase, Beast King.

Match 1: Grudge match – Two members of the Formation against two members of the Alliance.
If Adam Streets and Cameron Hart win Cameron gets a divas title shot in two weeks on Onslaught. If Lil Rey Rey and KJ Styles win, Lil rey Rey gets another chance at the IC title.

Adam Streets and Cameron Hart vs. Lil Rey Rey and KJ Styles

Event 2: The new GM Ryan comes out and introduces the No.1 contender to the EYAF World title, King Hart. King walks down to the ring and says that at Final Chance he faces the winner of tonight’s EYAF World title match and not only that but he also gets to choose the stipulation of their match. King stands there and thinks about it for a while and then he says that at Final Chance he will face the world champion in the match type that he first won the world title in, a Hell In a Cell Match. A match that he is undefeated in and that he would say he is the master of.
Mike Adams then walks out and says that he believes that they were both involved in the Hell In a Cell Match where King won the title. He then says that he also believes that it was because of Mike that King won that match. Mike then says that tonight he plans on whipping the floor with Beast King and then at Final Chance, the biggest ppv of the year, he will whip your ass too.

Match 2: Adam Moon, Straight Edge Punk and Blue Voodoo King are making their debuts in Onslaught today.
100%/w Jessie vs. Straight Edge Punk/w Blue Voodoo King and Adam Moon

Video package hyping tonights main event, EYAF World Champion Mike Adams defending his title against the winner of the EYAF world title briefcase, Beast King.

Video package showing the highlights from Sudden impact.

Match 3: No DQ Match
Johnny Chaos vs. Zahir

After the match, Johnny Chaos gets on the mic and says that yet again he was screwed out of the world title. He carries on to say that he will yet again reek destruction throughout Onslaught until he is granted a rematch for the title.
The GM Ryan then comes out and says that he is not here to make enemies on his first day, but Johnny will have to wait until after Final Chance to get another World title match, because on the first episode after Final Chance we will have a Breakthrough Battle Royal to determine the number one contender to the title. But until then Johnny will have to be patient and just wait for his chance.

Match 4: debut of a brand new title, the Pure Light Heavyweight title. It can be defended on both brands in the male divisions.
Zach Attack vs. Jason Cage vs. Justin Rampage

Event 3: Interview backstage with Beast King, he says that Mike Adams may be making all these predictions about how he is going to continue to retain his championship, but I am not here for that. He says that all you fans can go and follow Mike if you want a load of false promises or you can follow me and see some action and not wor
not words.

Match 5: EYAF World Championship
Beast King vs. Mike Adams(c)

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