Hi, I am a student at a small Christian based martial arts school. We are located in a small town in SC, USA. The economy has hit our state and our area hard. We have lost students as a result and I fear for our school’s future. I can’t lose my school. The area residents are mostly low income families and jobs are scarce. Most have to go to neighboring counties just to find work, if they can find work at all. We already have the best rates in our county and our neighboring county, but for many people, the drive out to our location will not work for them. We pride ourselves on serving our town and helping to re-develop it. We have been brainstorming and hitting up local events to put out the word for new students and we have been searching the web for ideas. Does anyone out there have any creative and excellent ideas? Thanks.
the negative answers have been reported. we do not use Christ’s name to try to make a buck, we are church based and we teach God’s word to our students, we teach them values and disipline and our parents have praised us for helping their children and our adult students have found God or grown closer to Him as a result. We offer a safe and comfortable place for kids to grow into wonderful adults. martial arts are religious based for anyone who cares to do their research before answering. i appreciate the positive responses, but i am still seeking answers. we can’t relocate. we have a second school in the main city, but it too is suffering along with other more popular schools in the area.

Catholic school and not religious?

Im thinking about downsizing to a smaller high school next year and am liking the idea of a private school alot better than a public one. I am not doing so well academically, and I want to know if this will interfere when applying to a catholic/christian private high school. The other thing is I wasnt raised with a religion. Does this matter? Do the students at catholic/christian schools learn about religious events and God.

Is it expensive?
Do I have to wear a uniform?
What is the physical education like?

I am 20 years old and in college, starting junior year shortly. I have flashbacks about my actions and behavior in high school. I was accused of sexual harassment, and attempted domestic abuse/rape, many times by many girls in high school. The dean and the principal called me into the office over my four years in high school and asked if these were true. I denied the charges and my parents told them to back off. The claims weren’t true; I never hurt any girl physically, never said insulting things. I did hug a girl without her permission. She knew me. I was outside during a fire alarm. It was raining, she was cold, I said “What the hell” and hugged her. She was stunned. Two months after the event happened, I was called in to the office by the principal, dean, and two guidance counselors. They accused me of hugging her inappropriately, to which I said “I did not hug her.” Lie. The charges were dropped. My junior year, I was accused of advancing on a girl, trying sexually harras/fondle her. I NEVER touched her; but the principals, deans and her parents were in the office to talk to me. They assumed I should be punished. The dean said he was going to punish me, but the charges were not true. He was going to expell me. My parents scolded the deans, told them to leave me alone because it was not true. The charges dropped. She knew who I was, we went to the same middle school. Her brother doesn’t talk to me anymore because he thinks I was trying to rape his sister. THIS IS NOT TRUE.
However, I punched a girl in the arm my junior year. She was trying to punch and kick me, I did this in self-defense. I did tell her “You talk too much”. I did bad things. The list goes ON AND ON. I think I committed more problems in high school than any other student. I called a teacher an a**h*** and also made fun of my freshman science teacher. I did not take responsibility in my school band, I refused to do work in my math and history class, I had to drop those classes and enlist somewhere else. I was failing them. I also lied about going places and also yelled at my guidance counselor. A social worker nearly had to call security when I blew up and yelled at a male student (Christian Bale style, but worse) in our college resource center; he made fun of a female student. I feel ashamed. I did fail my driver education class. I was arrogant behind the wheel, I never listened to anything the driving teacher said. I was nearly involved in a huge crash on the highway one time. Its interesting because I still have my learing permit, but I feel ashamed of looking at it because it is a haunting reminder of driver ed. I failed all the tests, never did any of the work, and shouted random things in class. In the fall, I asked the driving coach if he could change the grade. Its a long story. My parents told me that as a result of my driver education behavior, I am not allowed to drive anymore. I have not driven a car in four years. I live in the suburbs. I take the bus and train to get places, or ask people for rides.
These events flashback in my head. The ‘backs started about senior year. I can view incidents or events in high school and look at it from multiple angles i.e. classes, lunch room confrontations, football games, the events, etc. I wish I could go back in time and prevent any of this from happening.
Recently, I had an epiphany. I am thinking of going back to my high school, (the faculty are still there) and confessing and apologizing to them for what I did in high school. Its been hard in college. I don’t have a girlfriend and I cannot drive since I don’t have a license. I have not made any new friends in college and I am afraid to talk with girls because I am scared they will SEND ME TO THE DEAN OFFICE. I can’t stop thinking about high school and if I did certain things differently how different things would have been.
I wish I could move on, but these flashbacks have been with me and continue to haunt me.
Does anyone, seriously, have a suggestion at what I should do? Should I go back and apologize and serve punishment for my actions? Should I apologize to the girl I hugged? How can I get over my phobias and move on with my life?
Thank you

Kohler High School to celebrate stadium makeover as Kohler Co. donates $1 million for project as contract talks …
Fans of the co-op football team from Kohler, Sheboygan Lutheran and Sheboygan County Christian high schools are able to watch games in surroundings fitting for much larger schools thanks to a multimillion-dollar project at Kohler Highs Ebben Field that just completed its first phase.

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Christian School Orchestra Needs Votes for Pepsi Refresh Grant
The grant is worth $25,000.

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History is not just the study of the past. It is the study of peoples, places and the interplay of peoples and places to shape the world that is present at this moment. History is a very tricky subject to explore. It is as diverse and complex as the human nature itself. However, there is no need to provide biases in telling the conditions of the things past. Hence, it is essential to understand the interplay of events and how these are affecting human situations today. This daunting subject creates heated debates about providing biases and incorrect details sometimes and information about critical historical events. Some parents take matters with home schooling to address the said issue. Christian home school history curriculum is available to provide a more custom fitted instruction.

In history, there is local history, topics on geopolitics and the effect of migration in civilization. There is a study in the interplay of nature to culture and survival, and of course technology, sciences and modernity that forever changed the global history. From local to global history, the interplay of many disciplines shape history and so in current improvements for the home, Christian home school history curriculum are combined with disciplines of geography as well as in social sciences to have a firm grounding on the study of history.

In analyzing historical texts, it is essential for parents to ensure that the books they use are historically correct. It is important also to use books that match the grade level of the students for optimum retention of knowledge. It is difficult to be too technical in history and so telling it to them in a way that is comprehensible is essential and will certainly benefit them well. It is the task of the parents then to read and learn history themselves so that they could provide concrete information. Current events are also effective supplemental teaching devices to underscore some historical elements that are present in society at the moment that young adults could understand. These are some great methods to improve the Christian home school history teaching.

History uses a lot of essential dialogue as well as situations and so it is also a good practice for parents to be creative and use these narratives to create stories and to make historical learning much more fun and relatable while making sure that they are historically correct and are based on facts. These aspects could further develop their analytical skills and efficiently absorb the knowledge from textbooks that are sometimes not conducive to read. Understanding the needs of children will make the Christian home school history curriculum education fun and lively and not stereotypical and boring.

Knowing the interplay of past and present will enable children and young adults to be critical of the situations that could happen in the future. The Christian home school history curriculum lessons should not only provide facts and charts but should promote critical thinking as well as development of analytical thinking to embrace history as an essential subject for their future.

There are numerous benefits to Christian Home schooling and choosing the proper home school curriculum for your child. For more information about Home School Curriculums and subjects like Christian Home School History curriculum, please do visit our site – http://www.homeschoolcurriculum.org/

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i am helping plan a high school girls retreat at my (non-denominational christian) church. our theme is “free”, the theme verse being john 8:32 (and then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free). I need a big, fun event relevant to high school girls and to the freedom theme. please keep in mind that i only have about $1500 in the budget.

all help appreciated!!

Survey: 4 in 5 Americans Say Students Should Be Able to Pray at School Events
The vast majority of Americans, including those that do not practice any particular faith, support allowing student speakers to offer a prayer at public school events, a survey found.

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I need help with new high school events?!?

My Christian high school wants students to come up with events that will help raise money, help students, etc. I’ve though of a fundraiser but I need more.
Do you have any school events that have helped your high school years lively or fun?

Thanks for any input that will help!!!

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