because many Bibles contain different interpretantion or translation of the psalms and I am using a hebrew Bible but I should if I should pray the Jewish version of the Bible or a christian version of the Bible in my language in order to tell the psalms?

I am agnostic and I have attended Christian schools all my life (because there are no others in the area). Here in South Africa (or at least in my area) there are more churches than restaurants, and many different denominations. Religion is very delicate, and all schools here have at least one morning assembly per week in which there is invariably a prayer. Sometimes there are more, for instance during morning announcements (important information for the day).

In primary school, not really understanding what a prayer was, I bowed my head and said “amen” along with the others. In middle school, I still bowed my head by respect but kept my eyes open and didn’t say “amen”. Now, in high school, I see lots of people who are clearly not Christian keep their heads high during the prayer.

What is the respectful thing to do? I don’t want to be a hypocrite and pray with them, but I don’t want to stick out as a black sheep. Should I keep bowing my head but not praying?

Should I get a High School Diploma or a GED?

Okay, so this is my very mixed-up problem…

Due to some unfortunate events, I dropped out of school after completing eighth grade. It was very devastating for me since I had plans of going to college and have always been an A/B Honor Roll student.

Last year, I was lucky to be able to save up some money and I started 9th grade through homeschooling (from Christian Liberty Academy).

I did this because after searching around, most of the high school diploma programs that seemed to be legit required at least some high school, which I didn’t have. So now I have one year of high school.

I can’t afford to continue grades 10-12, since it costs a little over $500 per year and I have financial trouble as it is. Still, I’m trying to get my schooling back on track since I’m 20 and I want to go to college.

My plans are to go to college for a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts for animation.

Should I just get my GED? Will that be accepted by good colleges?

Or should I go with my original plan of doing one of those high school diploma programs (doesn’t have to be online)? If so, do you know any accredited ones that will be accepted by colleges?

If its about high school diploma programs, I’d like for someone experienced to have an answer for me. Someone who has gotten one and it was legit, since most of them are scams.

Thank you for any honest help you can give me. I’m in a pretty bad rut and my mind has been running circles on me.

I greatly appreciate it.

Should I tell my family I’m not a Christian?

I recently turned 15 and have been going through a few things with my family. The most affecting thing being my mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago. Well, she had what was the most dire surgery about 6 weeks ago. She’s going into another one that’s minor in November and is expected to recover soon after that. Anyway, she’s an extremely devoted Christian along with my family. It comes up what seems like everyday, whether it’s just a ‘God is great’ type comment, it’s mentioned in some form. Though I wouldn’t classify my mom as this extreme, judgmental Christian as she’s accepting of things like people of different orientations, I know that she wouldn’t be happy or understand if I told her I’m not a Christian. My dad on the other hand isn’t someone I see regularly and when I do religion’s never discussed so that’s not an issue. My family on the other hand is pretty much the same as my mom. Even a couple of days ago my aunt took me to a Beth Moore sermon (she’s apparently seen as this empowering Christian speaker). I think the reason for this is I had talked to my cousin, her daughter, a few days before that and when religion was mentioned, I said that was ‘more of my mom’s thing’. So I guess that was her way of trying to get me more into Christianity. It’s not that I’m completely against Christianity, I just don’t want to be a part of it; I’m tired of having to agree with what they believe. But my mom’s been stressed lately and seeing her go through that has stressed me out too and I don’t want to disappoint her with this, worrying her even more. Then again, I’m not sure how many more sermons I can attend and act like I’m happy about it. Should I put up with Christianity for the time being or tell them?

Welcome back to TWE Re-Born, We are back from No Mercy and what a night it was for Re-Born, not only did Re-Born keep a hold of The Cruiserweight Title, but we also won the Brand V Brand Match. Umaga beat Raven of Revenge and he is being rewarded with a Title Match against New TWE Champion Edge at Cyber Sunday by GM Stephanie McMahon. Also at No Mercy as already stated Edge won the TWE title in an Elimination Fatal 4 Way Match against Rey Mysterio, Brian Kendrick and AJ Styles. The Hardy’s finally won The tag Team Title’s after beating DX, Beth retained The Women’s Title in a Fatal 4 Way against Awesome Kong, Mickie James and Gail Kim.

Event 1
Edge makes his way to the ring to celebrate his win at No Mercy, He goes onto to say he overcame the odds by winning the Elimination Fatal 4 Way Match, he says he has proved he is the best Re-Born has to offer. He then goes onto talk about Umaga, he thinks although Umaga may be a tough object to remove he is to slow to keep up with Edge. When he’s finished talking about Umaga he is interrupted by Rey Mysterio, Mysterio comes out with an announcement from Steph saying that his Match with umaga will have a Special Referee, there will be 3 contenders for this match which will be between himself, Rey Mysterio, Triple H or Rob Van Dam. This will be decided by The Fans and The Votes will start The Week before Cyber Sunday. Edge is not happy by this response, he then turns around to find Umaga in front of him, he then floors Edge with a Samoan Spike.

Event 2
Christian Cage Vs Lance Cade

Event 3
Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo have come forward and been The First to challenge The Hardy’s to their titles; they will be in action next in a Tag Match.
Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo Vs Evan Bourne and AJ Styles

Event 4
Elijah Burke is in Steph’s office, he is asking Steph for a 1 on 1 match against Chris Jericho, he tells Steph it should have been a match for No Mercy, but he will settle for it being a Main Event tonight. Burke is still unhappy about Jericho attacking him a few weeks ago off air after Jericho was eliminated from a US title Match; Jericho showed his frustration on Burke backstage. Steph refused Burke a Match last week and at No Mercy, Burke then accused Steph of being too involved with a certain Superstar, Steph still undecided on what to do then Rey Mysterio comes back to her office, Burke asks Rey to leave as he is having a private conversation. Steph then says Burke that only she has the right to remove people from her office and reminds him of her position. She then says that he will NOT get his match against Jericho Tonight as she already has plans for him and also has a Main Event being a US title Match, instead Burke will be in a Match against Rey Mysterio. Burke is furious with this decision and kicks the door open on his way out.

Event 5
Diva Tag Match

Beth and Cherry Vs Mickie James and Gail Kim

Event 6
Chris Jericho Vs The Miz

Event 7
Elijah Burke Vs Rey Mysterio

Event 8
Edge is backstage trying to speak to The Great Khali, Khali is scheduled to meet Umaga in The next Match, Edge tries to explain to Khali that if he seriously hurts Umaga he’ll make it worth is while. Khali does not understand what Edge is talking about and gives Edge The Khali Chop.

Event 9
The Great Khali Vs Umaga

Main Event
US title Match
Big Daddy V Vs Kane (c)

Thank you for viewing TWE, please vote for who you want to win and give the show a rating.

WQ. What did you think to The Ending of Smackdown, who do you think will be fighting for The WWE Title at Cyber Sunday?

Sorry for The late post, don’t have a Internet connection at The moment. Can’t get online much at the moment. Will try to get everything posted still. Thanks for your time.
Do you have a Facebook Account? TWE will be hitting Facebook with its own account. The account has been set up and will soon be sorted out properly once I have regular Internet access. Account is set up with the Name Thurlow TWE if you wanna add me to your friends list, but soon I will create my own group for TWE so you can keep upto date with TWE’s rosters and results. Will also use the group for some WWE News as well when its sorted. So add me to your friends list and check me out in the future.

What song should I play/sing?

I am playing guitar and singing at a coffee-house type event this week.

I’m planning on playing the song “If We Are The Body” by Casting Crowns, and I need one more song.

It is sponsored by the Chaplain’s office, so I’m looking for a Christian song, but not a worship/praise song, something more mellow.

I need the guitar chords to be pretty easy. I’m not an incredible guitarist and anyone who’s ever accompanied him/herself can tell you it’s not easy.

I am 20 years old and in college, starting junior year shortly. I have flashbacks about my actions and behavior in high school. I was accused of sexual harassment, and attempted domestic abuse/rape, many times by many girls in high school. The dean and the principal called me into the office over my four years in high school and asked if these were true. I denied the charges and my parents told them to back off. The claims weren’t true; I never hurt any girl physically, never said insulting things. I did hug a girl without her permission. She knew me. I was outside during a fire alarm. It was raining, she was cold, I said “What the hell” and hugged her. She was stunned. Two months after the event happened, I was called in to the office by the principal, dean, and two guidance counselors. They accused me of hugging her inappropriately, to which I said “I did not hug her.” Lie. The charges were dropped. My junior year, I was accused of advancing on a girl, trying sexually harras/fondle her. I NEVER touched her; but the principals, deans and her parents were in the office to talk to me. They assumed I should be punished. The dean said he was going to punish me, but the charges were not true. He was going to expell me. My parents scolded the deans, told them to leave me alone because it was not true. The charges dropped. She knew who I was, we went to the same middle school. Her brother doesn’t talk to me anymore because he thinks I was trying to rape his sister. THIS IS NOT TRUE.
However, I punched a girl in the arm my junior year. She was trying to punch and kick me, I did this in self-defense. I did tell her “You talk too much”. I did bad things. The list goes ON AND ON. I think I committed more problems in high school than any other student. I called a teacher an a**h*** and also made fun of my freshman science teacher. I did not take responsibility in my school band, I refused to do work in my math and history class, I had to drop those classes and enlist somewhere else. I was failing them. I also lied about going places and also yelled at my guidance counselor. A social worker nearly had to call security when I blew up and yelled at a male student (Christian Bale style, but worse) in our college resource center; he made fun of a female student. I feel ashamed. I did fail my driver education class. I was arrogant behind the wheel, I never listened to anything the driving teacher said. I was nearly involved in a huge crash on the highway one time. Its interesting because I still have my learing permit, but I feel ashamed of looking at it because it is a haunting reminder of driver ed. I failed all the tests, never did any of the work, and shouted random things in class. In the fall, I asked the driving coach if he could change the grade. Its a long story. My parents told me that as a result of my driver education behavior, I am not allowed to drive anymore. I have not driven a car in four years. I live in the suburbs. I take the bus and train to get places, or ask people for rides.
These events flashback in my head. The ‘backs started about senior year. I can view incidents or events in high school and look at it from multiple angles i.e. classes, lunch room confrontations, football games, the events, etc. I wish I could go back in time and prevent any of this from happening.
Recently, I had an epiphany. I am thinking of going back to my high school, (the faculty are still there) and confessing and apologizing to them for what I did in high school. Its been hard in college. I don’t have a girlfriend and I cannot drive since I don’t have a license. I have not made any new friends in college and I am afraid to talk with girls because I am scared they will SEND ME TO THE DEAN OFFICE. I can’t stop thinking about high school and if I did certain things differently how different things would have been.
I wish I could move on, but these flashbacks have been with me and continue to haunt me.
Does anyone, seriously, have a suggestion at what I should do? Should I go back and apologize and serve punishment for my actions? Should I apologize to the girl I hugged? How can I get over my phobias and move on with my life?
Thank you

Currently, the American flag and the Christian flag are to the left (from the speakers point of view) of the stage. The American flag is to the right of the Christian flag, but they are both next to each other. The flag etiquette guidelines on say that they should be on opposite sides of the speaker, but is that correct?
Nick K., how are churches Anti-American? Ever heard of freedom of religion?

I’m attending a small, private Christian university, but they keep doing things that I’ve always been told can’t be done by Christians! They teach evolution! My professors have said they love reading Harry Potter! They don’t take the Bible 100% literally! The school library has ‘The God Delusion,’ and a subscription to Secular Humanist magazine! (I think that’s the one- as a good Christian, I averted my eyes once I figured out what it was).
Not only are there students ‘of color,’ they allow inter-racial dating and secular music! We’ve even had a benefit concert with Christian ‘rap’! And Cultural Appreciation events, of countries that aren’t Christian!
They dare disrespect the holy names of Pat Robertson and Sarah Palin! (one professor called Robertson an ‘idiot,’ and classmates have called Palin an ‘opportunist who doesn’t know anything’).
Girls are allowed to wear pants! The students here actually want to HELP poor people! There are people here who are NOT Republican! My peers seem to respect those of other faiths, and even consider Catholics to be Christian, even though the Bible says they aren’t!
People would rather help a woman who needed abortion than just yell at her and pass laws! They still feel it’s wrong, but, my God, they actually think we should HELP them in some way! And that pro-choicers are people, too! Most of my peers would be friends with someone AFTER they found out they were atheist or homosexual. There’s even a guy here who wears a wig, skirt and nail polish! He uses the men’s room, so he’s a guy. I don’t know if he’s goth or gay or what, but I thought we were supposed to let those kinds of people know Jesus doesn’t love them! They actually made us books by people like Shane Claiborne, who thinks the war in Iraq was wrong, and that people shouldn’t be capitalist! Our proffesors even make us THINK about our faith!
Who do I call?! These people aren’t really Christian, are they?!
Alright, I’m being sarcastic. I’m TRYING to show that Christians aren’t all… well, like I was pretending to be. As for spelling, IT’S 2-Freakin’-30 IN THE MORNING!

Survey: 4 in 5 Americans Say Students Should Be Able to Pray at School Events
The vast majority of Americans, including those that do not practice any particular faith, support allowing student speakers to offer a prayer at public school events, a survey found.

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