For me, I’d have to say Malcolm Smith. Jack Deere has been good and of course there’s C.S. Lewis.

because many Bibles contain different interpretantion or translation of the psalms and I am using a hebrew Bible but I should if I should pray the Jewish version of the Bible or a christian version of the Bible in my language in order to tell the psalms?

I am agnostic and I have attended Christian schools all my life (because there are no others in the area). Here in South Africa (or at least in my area) there are more churches than restaurants, and many different denominations. Religion is very delicate, and all schools here have at least one morning assembly per week in which there is invariably a prayer. Sometimes there are more, for instance during morning announcements (important information for the day).

In primary school, not really understanding what a prayer was, I bowed my head and said “amen” along with the others. In middle school, I still bowed my head by respect but kept my eyes open and didn’t say “amen”. Now, in high school, I see lots of people who are clearly not Christian keep their heads high during the prayer.

What is the respectful thing to do? I don’t want to be a hypocrite and pray with them, but I don’t want to stick out as a black sheep. Should I keep bowing my head but not praying?

…..that Peter Enns (another conference speaker) and the Biologos Foundation represented unbiblical and compromising threats to Christian orthodoxy in American today?

If someone like Ken Hamm sincerely believes that anything but Young Earth Creationism is contrary to the Bible, is it wrong for him to label a non-YEC Christian as a “threat” or even “a heretic”? [It is not clear that in that context Ken Hamm actually called anyone involved a “heretic” but I’m simply posing the question in that case as a hypothetical one.]

My grandparents are old school Catholics.

Tonight, my mom turned on Joel Osteen for the family to watch while they were over too.

As you can guess, my grandparents were very skeptical.

I think it’s SO CLOSED MINDED of some Catholics to look down upon people like myself who like Joel, Billy G., or Charles Stanely.

I love listening to Joel the most.

I have his daily inspirations sent to my email everyday.

I’ve read his book “Your Best Life now” and am reading his new book.

Bottom Line: there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH JOEL or being theology light and giving hope to people like myself.

After all, Jesus’ message was pretty basic and full of hope.

May God Bless you all.

Btw, I’m a Catholic too.

I view Joel as a supplement to my faith.

name of a christian youth speaker?

he does dvd series for youth groups. he talked about god & strugles with him. i no he has big glesses with black rims. any idea who he could be? or wat his name is? or the name of the dvd set

thanks :)

George can’t do speech’s very well…what a strange choice of things for him to do. I almost feel sorry for him…from president to two bit motivational speaker.
No joke, it is true.

i think he does cd’s & dvds. n he talks about his strugle with god. ______ pickle?

any help?

I attended a Festival in Mt. Union, PA in 1985 called “Jesus ’85”. There was a speaker there with a brittish or Irish accent (I think), that gave a great testimony to the life of Mary. One thing he repeated a few times was if at this point if you asked Mary was it worth it she would of said “yes it was worth it”. There were also some comical comments he made. I think his first name was Eric, but I am not 100% sure on that. Please help if you can. Thanks.

He was at long beach community college and this guy walked behind him and punched him and knocked him out. Then his friend came over and stomped on his head at least 15 times and the guy didn’t get up until the ambulance came. Did he deserve this? I think so

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