What do you know about Plautdietsch speakers?

Hi, everybody:

Can anybody tell me some of these facts:

-Are current Plautdietsch-speaking people the most conservative Mennonites?? (More to the Amish style or do they use electricity and modern ammenities and are just part of the Mennonite Christian denomination??)

-Can you tell me about some communities that speak Plautdietsch in Canada or the U.S.?? (Plautdietsch is a Low German dialect and Pennsylvania German is a High Germanic one, so they are quite different)

-I assume most Plautdietsch speakers nowdays are at least bilingual, since there is also a dominant language in the country they live (e.g. English in the U.S. and Canada, Spanish in Mexico, Paraguay and South America).

-Does somebody here speak Plautdietsch?? Can you tell me some facts about the usage?? Do you use it all the time at home?? Are there Plautdietsch services at your church?? Do your children speak the language??

-I heard that people that speak Plautdietsch read the Bible in High German, is this correct?? Do you sing hymns in Plautdietsch?

Thank you!!

DANKE (Is this how you say it in Plautdietsch?)

I just want to know, I mean I like 9mm better than speakers, but in his new song Get Like me, he has a shirt saying he is christian and then at the end of the video, gets his cross chaings and zooms into the camera…I mean it doesnt make sense to me. I mean if you going to make a song with guns in it, why are you still going to say you are christian and show that you are like christian? It dont make sense..If you are going to make a dirty version of a song like that, its fine, just dont say you are Christian like that, its f*ckin stupid

Not bashin on Banner, just dont understand what point he is trying to get..

thats the music video of Get Like me, song is hot

Mikes and speakers in Mapparium ?

My husband and I have recently visited the Mapparium at the Christian Science Library in Boston. A few days after the visit, I actually realized why my husband wasn’t so impresed with his visit : he was sure there were microphones and speakers inside the sphere to amplify the voices of visitors. He thought that the particular acoustic of the place was actually due to an artificial voice amplifying system. I assured him that the acoustic within the Mapparium is all natural and due to the shape (shperic) and the material (stain glass) of the place but he won’t beleive me. I know there are speakers for the presentation (visual and sound effect) but what about for the visitor’s voice ? I looked everywhere on the internet and I even found result of a research about the acoustic of the place but nowhere is it written that the “whispering gallery effect” one can experience within the Mapparium isn’t helped by any microphones/speakers device. Can you help me convince my husband ?!

Muslim speakers aim to foster community understanding, harmony
If America can be seen as either a melting pot or a mixed salad of cultures, then Fort Morgan truly is a microcosm of both.

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5: John Cena
#4: Christian
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How do you say in German

“I am a evangelic baptist Christian”
Sorry, there is a mistake…

“…an evangelic…” (not “a evangelic”)

Think have some credibility?
Although I am Christian many of these people turn me off.
The best ones in my opinion are C.S. Lewis and Billy Graham.

Being a chinese christian who also have to read English bible, I am confused with different versions.
I Need your kind help to tell me which one is the most pop! Is the NIV OR KJV or new revised standard version?


so what do you think of it?

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