Why do they do that? No one even listens to them, people are too busy driving.
@ Bobo Jones I heard them not listened. Learn the difference! And I’m not an atheist.

I am sorry, but the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus sounds like a Pagan Greek crying out, “Hey, Zeus!” I think the Spanish speakers are trying to lead true Christians astray.
We are not converting people to Catholocism. We are converting people AWAY from evil Catholic customs.

Christian tongues speakers, please tell me why?

I just want Christians who speak in tongues to answer this, please. Here is my question for you. Do you think that the way that most Pentecostal and Charismatic churches today use tongues is biblical? If many people in a church speaking syllables not understandable and falling out and running around and laughing hysterically is biblical then please revert me to the verse that mentions that in the Bible. I have studied on tongues and have so far not been able to see where any of this stuff that goes on in many churches is biblical. Thanks in advance. I do not mean to disrespect or hurt, I just want some answers about this.
God deserves only your best: Any verses? I know that tongues happened in the Bible. What I am asking is, how is the chaos in many churches biblical? How is laughing, falling, or being slayed in the Spirit biblical. None of those things happened in the Bible. And tongues weren’t out of order how they are today.
Well they were out of order, that’s why Paul wrote 1 Corinthians 14. And he corrected them, telling them that they were abusing the gift. But today, they are out of order.
P’rushim: So you’re saying that you can be a sinner yet still have a gift of God?
Adziwa: Yes exactly. I’ve read those chapters and Paul is saying that the Corinthians are abusing the gift. In one verse he actually says something about people coming in and thinking they are crazy. That is how it is today. Like you said, seeing something chaotic like that doesn’t make one want to believe. Quite frankly, it makes one not want to be a part of it. And if that person is pushed into it then they will turn away from it or either embrace it, thus coming into the routine. Many people have turned away from churches in general because of this reason.
God deserves only your best: Thank-you for the links. They are very interesting! God bless. =)
Adziwa: That was interesting, though I don’t agree on all parts. Thanks for your answer.

or ministers this year? If so who and did you enjoy them?

I’ve seen Nick Vujicic, Dr. Joe Stowell, and Jimmy Evans. How about you? Who have you seen?
Ernest S,

So God doesn’t use men anymore to shepherd or teach his flock?

leaving Miami, FL, stopping in Key West, FL and Calica, Mexico

Maybe it’s good or maybe it is bad. I don’t really know. I’ve been wondering about it lately. Even the ones that seem to be in a church, (as opposed to a stadium or somewhere that they have moved their own background onto) seem to be very plain. Mostly stairs, a choir area, plain walls and then flower arrangements. Or Joel Osteen’s stage with the big metal earth turning, then the rest is plain. Any ideas why?
Live well and do good.

i am looking for a christian fellowship for hindi speakers.
iam looking for a christian fellowship where hindi language speaking people get together.

Who are some of the best christian speakers?

Not the ones like benny hill.. HA what a guy.. lol
oh yes i did mean benny hinn 😛

Good Modern Christian Speakers? ex bianca juarez?

i saw all her videos and blogs are there more speakers like her?

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