I’ve been listening to Joel Osteen alot and he’s great, but I love Marcos Witt’s sense of humor. Are there any other good motivational christian speakers that can make me laugh?

That can be downloaded for free on itunes, as a podcast.

Does anyone know of any good Christian speakers?

Does anyone know of any good Christian speakers? Like just a good speaker who talks about Christian related stuff. Just like a youngish type person.

I uphold a Christian organization in Texas, and would love to see an enthusiastic, comedic, encouraging speaker to talk to some of these kids. Does anyone have a reference on who is a great motivational speaker, and maybe some contact info? Anything will help. =] Thanks!

Who are some popular christian speakers?

Other than Joel Osteen, Louie Gigilio and Greg Steir.

why the christian monopoly ? we always see many speakers speaking on god, bible and stories about god’s mercy(i doubt they are true)..why not atheist shows , speaker shows who speaks what they want to ?

While I was watching the Inauguration of President Obama I noticed that while they had Christian speakers they didn’t have any other representatives from the other major religions that compose our country and it got me thinking.
So, your opinions on the whole thing?
Accidently in love: How can you say it was built on Christianity? It wasn’t! The people who founded our country were not just Christian, many were Agnostic. Just because some ideas influenced the founding doesn’t mean we were built on it. AND if you want to say that, Christianity was influenced by so many other older beliefs.
websparrow2000: I do know that they swore on that, but seeing as we have yet to have any president that would be open about another religion other than Christianity it doesn’t bother me. What would bother me would be if a Hindu was elected and they made him swear on that.

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