This is a question from something that came up during an R&S forum at my University, where I was one of the 3 people who gave a speech.

The speaker from one of the many Christian groups at our school said that any non-Christian would not even want to find themselves in the Christian Heaven.

(He was saying this in defense when someone said “Why are Christians so concerned with getting non-Christians into Heaven?”)

The speaker said that Heaven is a place where you completely acknowledge Christ as your Lord and Savior and you devote the rest of eternity giving all of your soul to Christ in Heaven. Therefore, any non-Christian wouldn’t want to be there anyway because they would not want to give their soul to Christ for eternity. He said that Hellwould probably be a more likable place for non-Christians because they are not told what to do for eternity…but they can never be one with God in Heaven, so ultimately they are missing out.

What are your thoughts on his statement?

I’m 15 and I’m a freshman in high school. I have a 3.81 GPA, and I have a full honors schedule. I tend to get sick a lot, so I take more days off in a year than most kids, but I quickly make up the work. It is hard work every time I miss a day from school, but I understand that. I’m a determined student who aspires to do well. Here is my predicament: I want to stay home tomorrow to watch the inauguration but my mom, with good reason, is against it.

I don’t like missing school, but I believe tomorrow is an appropriate day to take off. I am VERY into politics, and have followed this election since 2006. Even though I have conservative views and never really cared for Obama, he is still going to be sworn in as the leader of the free world tomorrow; a very historic moment that will never be forgotten. It would mean a lot to me to see him be sworn in live on TV. Now yes, I know I COULD record it, but it’s not the same. It’s kinda like recording the ball drop on new years and watching it the next day. Who wants to see it after it’s happened? There’s something magical about watching an event like that in real time.

My mom is very Christian, as am I, but I swear she thinks Obama is the anti-Christ. She hates him and doesn’t trust him. She’s usually cool with things like this, but she won’t let me stay home and she won’t budge on this one.

I really want to see this historic event, but my mom disagrees with me that it is important. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

i really need help here. i don’t know where to start to be a Christian singer/guitarist/songwriter/speaker. it sounds really fun, but where do i start? please don’t leave rude comments, and don’t cuss, and don’t bother leaving a comment if you’re not Christian.

Could we share why you did not, the conditions, events that prevented this.
I wanted to be a missionary once. In elementary and hs i thought of becoming a nurse, marrying,having children, and our being Christian missionaries. I didn’t know you could not be married and be a nsg student. When i was 14 yrs old, my future husband and I discussed marrying, some church, education. I was much too young to get married at the time.
Things went bad in hs. Some events occurred my senior yr which lowered my GPA , I am sure, and really lowered my reputation, too. I did not have sex of any sort. I did not want to go to a dirty movie. I did not skip church to go out with boys. That was really low. And, I told him off. This is not my future hsb.
I graduated in May, I turned 17 in Mar. I took competitive exams for
State Merit tests. Was hired. Myfolks bought me luggage and escorted me out the door. I had broke off my engagement to my ftr hsb and broke with
another fellow I had been dating, had his classring. I had known the last one
most of my life. Looking for Mr. Right? Not exactly. Just certain committments, qualities, sincerity. One will not commit to what we will do, the other I question genuine affection, sincerity. Is this a joke I wrote our Church college regarding attendint the college and and becoming a missionary. I hoped to meet a Christian man, of my faith, there. I received a letter from the college which stated “They had decided they could use me in their office.” For some reason this offended meThings went bad there. Someone , I believe, called me gay. I am not.I married the guy I dated for four years off and on, the one I met when I was 14. He went to ‘Vietnam shortly after our marriage. He didn’t do anything bad to me. We did not do any “acts” for anyone, nor did I discuss anything. I inquired about going to ‘Vietnam where my husband was. He said
“They needed people who were useful.” The office where I worked would not let me do much of anything. Church went to seed . There were two stenos there when they hired me. I made the thirdThey then hired three more. Notice: One of the two with whom I worked went to my denomination of church. The others they hired were as follows: One has an injured hand; (no insult, but remember anyone what I said someone did to me in church, the humiliation in elementary. Ones , I think of mixed race. I went to hs with her. I thought she was an exceptionally nice person at the time. She shows her mixed blood, I do not.One who was really an exceptionally nice person, Ithink, has a nervous tic. (I have the spasms when I lay down.) Aren’t we so compatible. They ALLLLLLL get to work a lot. I get minimal training. One of the ones who is new, tries to help me some with a little training. This is maddening. I had massive uneasiness due to not having enough work. The County Director insulted me to death after a car accident. I was hit from the rear while sitting on the side of the road. I have neck damage due to this accident. I did not ‘GET’ his insult, just that it was. I wish i had understood it, gone to one of the female caseworkers and he had been fired. But wait, there is more. Now, all have left my church but me, an older couple, and a lady and her two children. Occasionally, there are visitors.I guess I ran them off. An intoxicated fellow comes in who lookd very much like my BIL
the preacher, (who has moved to Ak by the way, to do missionary work.)
and plunks his butt on my desk. Reeks. Talks to the CD. Is this regarding what? College attendance for me. Anything about me? I don’t know. They hired another lady who resembled my sis somewhat, to be a caseworker, but I don’t think she was qualified. Then at one point , the wife of the minister who performed our marriage ceremony came in and applied for work. She had graduated hs. The only other ed she had was some nursing school in St Louis. She did not graduate. I do not know if she could type.She asked me if I could give her for a reference. I think I said yes. Shedid not get the job. I do not know if she could type or take shorthand. They did not have typists only. So, whatever, whenever, why ever my want to be a missionary and go to the church college was ruined permanently,. The church also had a weeney
roast right after I was called something or other. There were young people there my age. . But WAIT, THE ALL IMPORTANT THING, what does this have to do with, what did this gain my MPerps. What did they profit?
You tell me. Had I become a caseworker then they may have murdered me for thinking I was homosexual. This rejection, doing dirty, has nothing to do, does not take from, my actual merit, value, worthiness, intelligence, aptitudes or abilities. They were adequate to do anything I wanted to do. However, ifyou want to really getnasty, down and dirty, look at the “seeming” opportunities and see what they gained form the opportunities I had. You will s
It is called undoing. and the perps gain from ruining it,you wll see. I have never been able to date, remarry. Called homo at everyturn. Have agendas out. fIf I married they would give him money.
Not me. Husb, kids and I barely survived at times, had huge cause for suits against people. Received zilch.
Here they destoryed my credibility, reputaiton, trying to destory my achievents all we did. Final solution.l
Why would I want to be a member of the misogynistic groups who give me the right tob e a whore, but not a respectable autonomous professional career woman with choice in her life.