This is a question from something that came up during an R&S forum at my University, where I was one of the 3 people who gave a speech.

The speaker from one of the many Christian groups at our school said that any non-Christian would not even want to find themselves in the Christian Heaven.

(He was saying this in defense when someone said “Why are Christians so concerned with getting non-Christians into Heaven?”)

The speaker said that Heaven is a place where you completely acknowledge Christ as your Lord and Savior and you devote the rest of eternity giving all of your soul to Christ in Heaven. Therefore, any non-Christian wouldn’t want to be there anyway because they would not want to give their soul to Christ for eternity. He said that Hellwould probably be a more likable place for non-Christians because they are not told what to do for eternity…but they can never be one with God in Heaven, so ultimately they are missing out.

What are your thoughts on his statement?

I go to a Christian school and we have a chapel every week and there are always people performing Christians songs before the speaker comes and speaks. I haven’t seen anyone perform a guitar solo during a song, but that may be because they aren’t quite up to that skill level yet. I am just wondering if some people might think it would be taking the glory from God and putting it on myself. I would like to think I am giving more glory to God because I am displaying a skill that he has given me, but some people might think otherwise.. What are your thoughts?

I mean I am atheist,though I do go to church and participate in religious events to keep my mom happy. So my friend is Christian and we are eating at school. Then comes the student who hosts Bible Studies at school to show us the bible studies picture for the yearbook. She points out my friends then asks me “Where were you?” I had gone to those meetings to see if they actually taught and interpreted the bible correctly. When she said that my friend responds”He is atheist”. I wasn’t that much surprised he would say that; he has told others before. I don’t get why he thinks he has an obligation to say this. Does he want me to feel bad for being atheist or do I look as a threat to him? What do you guys think?
actually its not because i am atheist that i didn’t go that day to bible studies, i was taking a test!

Welcome back to TWE Re-Born, last week on Re-Born we had a dramatic change in events where we had to crown a New TWE Champion. Just 2 weeks ago The Undertaker won The TWE Title from HBK at WrestleMania, but last week RVD cashed in his MITB Contract after him and the rest of JUSTICE beat down the Undertaker and then became The New TWE Champion.

Event 1

Once again JUSTICE are kicking off Re-Born as they march down the Ramp showing off they’re collection of TWE Gold. The Miz grabs a Mic in the ring and demands everyone now show more respect to JUSTICE and JUSTICE leader Rob Van Dam as they have now completed they’re objectives and collected all The Title’s on Re-Born and have taken over and are now the most Dominant Force in TWE. GM Sting comes out from the back and starts to threaten JUSTICE that they’re days are numbered and at Backlash Revenge will be had. RVD butts in and says that he keeps blabbing on about Backlash, but is still yet to say what will be happening, Sting says that it will be a Suprise for them, but a Suprise that they wont like, he recomends that they hand back all The Title’s they have just to spare themselves the pain they will go through at Backlash. RVD laughs and says common Old Timer why wont you come down here and take it, Sting says and does nothing then RVD says ‘thought so, you not got the nerve to come face to face with me’ Sting responds with laughter claiming its funny he should say that. He says that tonight 2 people are coming out of retirement to face JUSTICE along with The Undertaker who is pretty PO’d right now. Sting then says that tonights Main Event will be a 6 Man Tag Match where JUSTICE will face The Undertaker, Re-Born GM himself Sting will be coming out of retirement for one night as will Revenge GM Triple H. Brian Kendrick and The Miz look at each other in fear whilst RVD tells Sting to bring it on.

Event 2

Last week on Re-Born GM Sting said he would be looking at people to impress him to consider them for a Title Match at Backlash. Due to recent events this looks to not be happening, but they will be in action agin tonight as Sting still has plans for them.

HBK Vs Christian

Event 3

After having a thrilling Match last week on Re-Born Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles have both requested to face each other again, last week Jeff Hardy got the win.

AJ Styles Vs Jeff Hardy
Before The Match begns they both show mutal respect to each other with a Handshake

EVent 4

Revenge GM Triple H is in Sting’s office. Triple H tells Sting that he’s been looking foward to gtting back in the ring and its gonna be a great experience tagging alongside The Icon Sting. Sting thanks Triple H for agreeing to this, but warns him that The Undertakers Wrath could be felt tonight and begs that he does not get in his way and they are just there to back up The Undertaker. H says he does not have a problem with that, but still wants to get his hands on RVD.

Event 5

Diva’s Battle Royal

Beth Vs Layla Vs Cherry Vs Gail Kim

Event 6

Edge Vs Chris Jericho

Event 7

JUSTICE are backstage RVD warns them to be careful tonight as people are going to gunning for them and they need to make sure they are prepared for anything and need to ensure wepons are handy as this will get Extreme tonight. Kane is walking by in the background laughing and says ‘do you really think it will be that easy?’

Event 8

Matt Hardy Vs D’Lo Brown
Before the Match begins Matt grabs the mic and says that Kane should watch close as this is the closest he will get to him at Backlash when he claims he will pick Kane apart in they’re Extreme Rules Match.

Main Event
6 Man Tag Match

JUSTICE (RVD, The Miz and Brian Kendrick) Vs Sting, Triple H and The Undertaker

Before the Match begins Sting says that he has one more final thing to say about this Match, he then sends Send them out. The rest of The Re-Born roster comes out to surround the ring to ensure JUSTICE dont try to make any attempt of a quick escape. The Superstars include Umaga, Christian, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley and Former JUSTICE members Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo.

Thankyou for viewing what will be TWE Re-Born’s Final Show. Please vote for who you think should win and give the SHow a Rating and be sure to check out TWE’s Backlash this weekend.

WQ. With there being many rumours of Rey Mysterio, Batista, Kane, HBK and The Undertaker all planning on retiring soon, which would you be most sad to see go and think will be missed the most in WWE when they do go?

I’m looking at setting up a business producing jigsaw puzzles with Biblical and Christian themes, or with non-religious images painted by Christian artists. The plan is to begin trading with a range of children’s wooden, 20-piece jigsaws but before I can acquire business funding I need to perform some market research to see if there is sufficient interest to sustain the business concept. In the event that we decide to commit and begin trading, the best answer will receive a special 20% discount on his or her first order.

We also plan to introduce a range of 1000-piece card jigsaws using new works from Christian artists. If you also have the time to express an opinion on this product concept, it would be appreciated.