WRW Redemption premier episode welcome to the new era of Yahoo Answers wrestling brands may the future begin right now. Change is upon us.

Event 1

*WRW Chairman Will Matthews comes out with everybody cheering in the arena.*

Will Matthews: Welcome to the first EVER EPISODE OF WRW REDEMPTION.

*Crowd starts chanting WRW*

Will Matthews: Yes there may only be a crowd of 500 people but WRW will grow. You see tonight we are going to give you the biggest show ever with tonight being the first episode and all. I have planned a very good tag team match between Beer Money Incorporated vs Straight Edge Society for the WRW Tag Team championships. Also tonight I will speak about WRW why it is here and what impact it will make in this business but also tonight it’ll be Kurt Angle vs John Cena which will be a WRW Championship match to crown the first WRW champion now lets get on with the show.

*Crowd cheers like crazy*

Event 2

Beer Money Incorporated vs Straight Edge Society
Winner receives WRW Tag Team Championships

Event 3

Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles

Event 4

*Christian comes out and grabs the microphone to speak*

Christian: Since WRW has started tonight I’m thinking how about since there is a WRW Pride Championship, Will Matthews I would personally love a title match or better yet the title.

*Will Matthews comes out*

Will Matthews: Yes you will be in the match and that match will be next it’ll be Christian vs Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho for the title good luck.

Event 5

Christian vs Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho
Winner receives WRW Pride Championship

Event 6

Randy Orton vs Sting

After the match Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes come out and attack Randy Orton and Sting with punches left right and centre then Rhodes and Dibiase celebrate over there beaten and bruised bodies.

Event 7

Kurt Angle vs John Cena
Winner receives WRW Championship

After the match Desmond Wolfe comes out and shakes the winners hand.

Main Event

*Will Matthews comes out and starts to speak*

Will Matthews: I asked to have this time to speak about the future and plans for WRW and those plans are this. WRW is here to bring a change to fantasy shows. Shows like EWE and TWA are commercial who make either there shows full of promos or extreme matches to gain attention however this show will not be like that we will follow in the steps of the good old territory days when the titles meant something. Now the titles are just like plastic toys look at the TWA titles a title there is not that important since there is so many of them. I’m not being offensive, I’m being honest. But you all must be wondering why did we start our show on a Wednesday night? The reason is that we’re not going to be like those gruesome shows and try to kill a whole company at once we’re going to take our time one show at a time. So we’re competing with TWA Revenge now to be honest TWA is all about commercial stuff with there rivalries and promos it’s like watching a pathetic soap opera but TWA Revenge is our first target so whoever the general manager may be for now it’s Lochy McKenzie the owner of that show TWA and well Lochy, Revenge will be killed off just like TWA will but it’s going to be slow and painful. Thank you all for your time and watch next week as we are here again on Wednesday night.

The show ends with the crowds cheering and chanting WRW

Pick the winners and give us your thoughts please on the show?

WQ: Do you agree with the 90 day non compete cause that WWE supplies to all it’s employee’s if they quit or released?

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