Essay the consumes
1. extracurricular activities
2. educational or professional goals
3. Jobs you have held
4. Community or school service
5. Your leadership roles in school
6. Special home or family situations

My goals and life plans have always inspired me to do my best. From increasing my academic’s grades to experiencing and learning new things, I continue to push myself further so that I can always grow as a person. In high school, my primary goals included getting into college. Now that graduation is on the horizon, my professional goal is to design clothing.
I remember watching a fashion runway show on television for a full three hours. I was so inspired by the beautifully crafted fashions, that I grabbed a pad of paper and started sketching on the spot! It was at that very moment that I realized my passion for crafting fashions, and even though I could not fully express it at the time, I knew that my destiny was to become a successful clothing designer.
During my junior year, I participated in a career preparation program at the non-profit Center for Arts Education. As a participant, I had the opportunity to intern at Bloomingdale’s in the Window Display department. As an intern, I gain experience displaying the spring lines of a variety of designers such as Ralph Lauren, Elie Tahari, Gucci and others. In addition, I worked with Bloomingdale’s window display’s costume designer for the renounced annual Christmas window event. My favorite part of my internship was apprenticing with a costume designer while he created an amazing coutier gown. I was honored to have him trust my design sensibility in allowing me to provide the accessories to complete his design. I was humbled by the immense time and effort that went into creating windows design or designing the holiday windows.
In the Spring, I volunteered to be a teacher in the ” Puerta de Paz” Evangelist Christian Church. I am currently teaching young children the word of God once every two weeks. This community service has taught me to take leadership and responsibility towards the lessons to be taught and to control the children. I have also volunteer for the health fair in my school this December. I was in charge of the health food section, serving abundance of students healthy beverages and foods. It was my responsibility to show them how to replace certain meals to benefit your body and health. After school, I participate in the Art, Photography and Christian club. I have experienced many exciting events and have learn many captivating information during each club I have participated in.
My mother is currently unemployed and now we are depended on Unemployment Benefit. We are also have been depended on the support of welfare and food stamps. My parents are divorced and my father does not support the family financially. For college, I am fully depended on financial aid, scholarships and loans because my mother has no method to pay the cost for college.
My long term goals and dreams have been my motivation since I can remember . I have been pushing myself and working my hardest to learn the art of making beautiful clothing for women who not only want to look beautiful but feel beautiful as well. That to me is important as a Fashion Designer, to have that ability like no other career out there. However, I know that it takes knowledge and experience from a successful fashion industry to realize my dream. That is why this scholarship is very important to me, it is not only the help I financially need but it will be the start of what I know in my heart I was meant to do.

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