Welcome back to TWE Re-Born. Last week it was announced that Re-Born will hold a 6 Man Hell In a Cell Match at No Way Out in which the winner will receive a TWE Title Shot at WrestleMania. The Undertaker made his Re-Born Debut beating Matt Hardy and quallyfied for The Match as did Chris Jericho by beating Tommy Dreamer and Jeff Hardy beat Paul Burchill to book his place. RVD overcame the odds by beating Big Daddy V for his spot in The Hell In a Cell Match. Also last week Gregory Helms beat Lance Cade and Mickie James defended her Women’s Title agianst Gail Kim with the help from JUSTICE members Chuck Palumbo and The Miz. Also announced last week was that Triple H will face Umaga and Kane Vs Christian in Hell In a Cell Quallifying Matches. We also found out that HBK will defend his TWE Title against AJ Styles at No Way Out.

Announcement Chuck Palumbo and Paul Burchill will defend their Tag Team Title’s tonight against Mystery Opponents, which are still yet to be revealed

Event 1

Diva’s Tag Match

Maria and Cherry Vs Mickie James and Layla

Event 2

Last week The Brian Kendrick beat Cruiserweight Champion Evan Bourne and has earned himself a Cruiserweight Title Match at No Way Out, tonight they will face each other again, but in Tag Team action.

The Brian Kendrick and Chavo Vs Evan Bourne and Gregory Helms

Event 3

GM Sting is in his office with The undertaker, he tells The Undertaker that he made the right choice by accepting his trade from Revenge to Re-Born. He says that he had already dominated Revenge and is now suited for Re-Born. Taker asks why Sting wanted him here. Sting says that this is his way of thanking him for giving him The Greatest Match of his life. Sting faced The Undertaker at Survivour Series which was Sting’s final Match before retiring, for giving him that match he wants to pay Taker back by giving him the opportunity to win back The TWE Title at WrestleMania. Taker shows his respect by giving Sting a handshake, as he walks away Sting says that he’s gonna have to get his Bike ready as he will be facing RVD tonight. Taker laughs and says thats perfect and that he wanted to get his hands on JUSTICE.

Event 4

Hell In a Cell Quallifying Match

Kane Vs Christian

Event 5

Tag Team Championship Match

Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo (c) with RVD and The Miz ringside
they are in the ring awaiting their opponents, GM Sting comes to the ramp and says he will now introduce their opponents, they are 2 Hardcore legends making a one off appearance in a TWE ring, Mick Foley and Terry Funk.

Chuck and Burchill(c) Vs Terry Funk and Mick Foley

As soon as the match finishes The Undertaker comes down the ramp on his Bike ready for his Match against RVD

Event 6

RVD Vs The Undertaker

The rest of JUSTICE are still ringside, Foley and Funk take a seat with The Announcers.

Event 7

AJ Styles is backstage and his confronted by Chris Jericho, Jericho is furious at the way AJ got his Title shot, he is not happy that he has to go through a Brutal Hell In a Cell Match to earn his shot and all AJ did was suck up to TWE Champion Shawn Micheals and kiss his way to a Title Shot. He says that he knew AJ only had HBK’s back to get a Title Shot for himself and does not deserve it. AJ says he never asked for it, HBK offered it. Jericho not happy with this answer and says that it was just part of his plan. He then says tat he hopes AJ wins the Title because after he wins Hell In a Cell he wants to show AJ how a True Champion earns a Title Shot. AJ asks him to show him now, he offers Jericho a No Holds Barreds Match right now. Jericho says he’ll see him in the ring.

Event 8

No Holds Barred Match

Chris Jericho Vs AJ Styles

Half way thorugh The Match TWE Champion walks down the ramp and follows the action ringside

Event 9

Rey Mysterio comes to Stings Office, he wants forgiveness for what he has done recently turning his back on Re-Born and former GM Stephanie McMahon. He says that it was Shane McMahon’s mind games that git him to side with Revenge and does not like the fact that now everywhere he goes he is called a Traitor whether it is from another Superstar or a Fan. Sting understands where he is coming from and gives him a second chance to prove himself on Re-Born. He says that he has noticed he has had a few problems from JUSTICE recently and that is one thing they hav in common, so next week on Re-Born Rey Mysterio will face JUSTICE member The Miz one on one.

Main Event

Hell In a Cell Quallifying Match

Triple H Vs Umaga

Thankyou for viewing TWE, please vote for who you think should win each match and give the show a Rating.

WQ. Do you think either of The Title’s will change hands at No Way Out in The Chamber Matches?

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